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May 4, 2000 05:29 PM

Question about 'The Cheese Board'

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I lived one valley over from Nappa for several years back in the 80's.
I use to go into Berkley to do occasional shopping...That's when I discovered the Bagguetts(sp?) at the Cheese Board.
They are indeed flat out THE BEST this side of the Atlantic. question to you fellow Chowhounds....
Does ANYONE know WHO makes their bread ?
Where do they get it from....or do they make it themselves ?
Are they also bakers ???
Also I would love to find out who makes their cinnimon they make THAT too ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The cheeseboard makes all its own baked goods. I am not sure what the store was like in the eighties (having only moved to Berkeley two years ago), but today you can see the baking operation directly behind the cheese counter.

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    1. re: Rachel Hope

      I never saw anything like that. I wonder if they had been baking all along....just doing it somewhere else.
      Man! That bread is TO DIE for !
      I have not had better since I left in 1987.
      I have lived alot of places but I have never had bread THAT good in this country.
      Thanks for the info.

      1. re: DAC

        The Cheeseboard is a collective (employees are member-owners) and has always made its own baked goods - they even have a pizza place next door that uses the fabulous cheese and other tasty things to create one or two vegetarian sourdough pizza options each day. You can buy them in the Cheeseboard shop from about noon on (room temp) or hot from the pizza place during specific hours. Sorry, I forget what exactly those are...
        By the way, their cornmeal cherry muffins are absolutely delicious. Not too sweet, substantial enough for breakfast. And the curry onion bread? Oh, it's so good!

        1. re: Erin C

          I appreciate your response. Even though I no longer live in the area, I still have dreams about the cinnamon brioche and french bread.
          NEVER have I EVER found this country.
          I'm so bummed that I can't too.
          I wish they shipped but they don't.
          Any of their stuff day old is better than any other stuff I've ever found fresh.
          Thanks again.

    2. The cheeseboard is a collective they do not wholesale their bread. They make everything there and fab pizza nxt door. They also have a spinn-off collective that makes all the same stuff in Oakland