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May 2, 2000 11:45 PM

upcomimg trip

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Will be in town next week, need suggestion for pre theater meal sunday before beach blanket bingo. Also was told Dine is a new neat place to check out, any help appreciated where else to pig out.

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  1. Osteria del Forno, on Columbus, right around the corner from teh theater, will serve up a really nice dinner. Shortish menu, emphasis on antipasti, good pasta dishes, tasty focaccia, a couple of more solid secondi... It's pretty small and I am pretty sure they take no reservations, but for two, I was able to wait only about twenty minutes a busy weekend night a month or two ago... I am a fan of Rose Pistola across the street. Less causal and more expensive, and a much fuller menu. Search for a review below on this board - Jim Zurer's "SF Trip Report"... People rave about Black Cat, but I have never been.


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      THeres a cool restaurant/bar/club on 4th and Market. I think its called the Glas kat. When i went, i saw the sushi bar and my friend was like yew. But the server saw the look and told us that there were more items on the menu. The wait was pretty good. i think they are new cuz there werent a lot of people, but the service was good and so was the food.