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Oct 26, 2004 06:47 PM

Dim Sum in Connecticut?

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Are there any Chinese restaurants in Connecticut that serve dim sum? Would be willing to drive almost anywhere but lower Fairfield County. What about South Central Mass.? Any insight is appreciated.

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  1. There is a great Chinese restaurant in Cheshire, CT called Shangri-Lee (it is located on the far left side of a plaza on Route 10 south of town). We haven't eaten there in several years but often dined there on the way to Oakdale Theatre. As far as I know, they serve Dim Sum on Saturdays and Sundays in the daytime. You can contact them to be sure so you don't drive there unnecessarily. Their address is 965 S. Main St. and their phone number is 203 250-8888. Let us know if you go there and how it was.

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    1. re: Lily

      We too have not eaten there in several years since moving to the shoreline, but at the time that was the only Dim Sum place we found in central Connecticut. I'd rate it 3 out of 5 with NY Chinatown being a 5.

      1. re: Don Shirer

        A much better option than Shangri-Lee is East in Hamden. It's also a buffet, but they have very a decent selection of dim sum on the weekends for brunch. The sweet stuff is particularly good - egg tarts, fried balls of dough. It runs about $14 for adults.

        1. re: newhavener

          Shangri-Lee is not a buffet-style restaurant but rather a Chinese restaurant that seems a notch above others I have been to. The service is very attentive but not overbearing. One time I ordered Moo Shu pork and the waiter filled my pancake at the table which I thought was a nice touch.

          1. re: Lily

            On weekends during brunch hours, Shangri Lee does serve a buffet, and that's when there's a small selection of dim sum. I have not been all that impressed by some of the items - I've eaten a lot of dim sum, and I've never encountered a couple of the dishes. It seems as though they made some up, and wrapped up whatever was convenient....

    2. There's a place over by West Farms mall. It's in the same plaza as Sports Authority tucked in the corner. They serve dim sum on the weekends, but you order off of a menu, they don't come around with carts. I had some shu mai last weekend, and it was very good.

      There's another place in Elmwood called Dim Sum, they come around with carts. I have heard they are under new ownership, and it's not as good as it used to be.

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      1. re: ctjane

        the place by sports authority(i think the mall is called west farms plaza)is china pan. it's an excellent shanghai-style restaurant; i have posted on it many times before. many of the dim sum items are always available, not just on sat. and sun. always great are the steamed little juicy buns and whole spicy shrimp in the shell.

      2. Dim Sum on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford is the closest I have found. It is a far cry from what you would find in any major city.

        It has changed hands twice in the last year. The current owners have brought the restaurant back to being much closer to what we all expect in a Dim Sum restaurant.

        The added benefit of going to the restaurant is that it is right next to an excellent (large) asian grocery store with a great selection. This alone is worth the trip.

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        1. re: Jay Scott

          What is the name of the Asian market and where is it located on New Britain Ave.? Living where I do out here in rural northwestern CT it is very difficult to find a place to purchase Asian foods (I usually have to wait until I am going to Albany, NY to visit relatives) and I would appreciate knowing where this one is. Is this Dim Sum restaurant the same one that was called The Mongolian Hot Pot many years ago?

          1. re: Lily

            It's called A Dong, and they have a great selection of asian foods.

          2. re: Jay Scott

            Is this grocery by any chance called A-Dong? I have Asian contacts who swear by it, and who travel from great distances to shop there, but I'm rarely in the area, so I haven't checked it out.

          3. Unfortunately in CT the only place that I know that serves dim sum w/ rolling carts and all is in Greenwich, in the same plaza as Food Emporium and CVS off Route 1 (right across from 1-95's exit 5 when you get off the highway).

            And it's just ok dim sum. Everything has shrimp and only shrimp in it and most items are fried.

            I'm happy you others mentioned places around the Hartford/New Haven area. I'd like to check them out -- would you know if it's "authentic" dim sum or Americanized? I always prefer to have the real deal like the turnip cakes and chicken's feet :)

            I always have access to Flushing in Queens, NY which has a Chinatown and NYC's Chinatown, but it's a pain to drive to and parking is a major hassle.

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            1. re: Ray

              I believe Royal Palace in New Haven may serve dim sum on the weekends, but you should call to check.

              But, really, just go to Flushing. There's a very large, very good banquet hall -- shoot, the name escapes me (I'll try to find it) -- directly across from a large, inexpensive parking lot off the main drag. It's no more than than an hour and fifteen minutes from New Haven, which is more than you can say for some parts of Connecticut.

              1. re: Sweet

                Royal Palace doesn't serve dim sum.

                The restaurant in Flushing you're thinking about is called Gum Fung. It's across the street from a municipal parking lot (you buy parking vouchers with quarters).

                1. re: new havener

                  That's the one. Thanks.

              2. re: Ray

                Dim Sum in the Elmwood section of West Hartford, next to A Dong, did have chicken feet and such the last time I ate there. You might want to call to see if the new owners have kept the original type of Dim Sum.

                1. re: ctjane

                  the new incarnation of "dim sum" (next to a dong)is authentic enough but we didn't find the food to be very tasty when we tried it a few weeks ago. we much prefer china pan.