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Apr 24, 2000 08:04 PM

Good & Cheap Food in SF?

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Hi, I"ll be taking a trip to SF soon and I'm looking for some cheap but good food! :) I"ll spending a lot of my time in Chinatown and the Mission I think, but will be traveling around as well. Thanks a lot.

PS Anything will do!

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  1. Grace--this message board contains many hundreds of tips that fit your bill. Furthermore, there are several SF Bay era articles and travelogues in our Articles and Special Reports section. Browse through, or use the search box on our homepage.

    If you're looking for something specific and come up short, please leave a query with as much detail as possible.

    Also, forgive me for noticing this, but you've posted a dozen requests for help on various boards in this site, but have never reported back with your findings, or posted discoveries/tips of your own, or answered anyone else's questions.

    We have no hard/fast rules about such things, but communities do work both ways, so we'd love to hear how you make out with advice you get here, and to see tips from you about YOUR favorite chow!


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      Just returned from second trip to S.F. in five months.
      Christmas night we needed a restaurant for ten people
      near Chinatown and were directed to Hunan Homes at
      622 Jackson. It was so delicious and inexpensive
      that we booked it again last Saturday night for twelve.
      Everyone was very pleased with service, cleanliness,
      and food quality. Our other wonderful find was Dottie's True Blue on Jones for outstanding breakfast.
      We weren't looking for cheap, rather very good food.
      Also enjoyed Farrallon and Yabbies.
      vicki in new orleans

    2. La Taqueria is the best burrito in the world - 25th and Mission. Big white place two down from the corner.