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Oct 26, 2004 01:46 PM

New Haven, CT restaurant

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Hi - I'm meeting 4 old friends in New Haven - central spot - for dinner (4 late, late 30's women). looking for good food, great wines by the glass, and, fun atmosphere - not too stuffy. Any recommendations? read about zinc and roomba...?

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  1. I would pick Roomba over Zinc. Bentara is another good choice (Malaysian cuisine on Orange).

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    1. re: mels

      Ya know,I ate at Roomba 2 weeks ago and it was ok. I could have had the roast pork and rice and beans at a puerto rican restaurant on Grand Ave for probably less than half the price. I didn't think Roomba was worth the extra cost. The meal was good but not worth what I paid for it. What abou that Central Steakhouse on Orange Ave. I am hearing stuff about that place now. Have fun,Richie

      1. re: Richie

        We ate at Central Steakhouse a couple of Saturdays ago and had a very nice experience. The appetizers were nice, salads so-so, and the steaks and sides were excellent. I highly recommend the buttermilk fried onions and haricot verts almondine. There's also an extensive list of wines by the glass. It's a great place for conversation, too!


        1. re: Christina

          I don't mean to belittle your recommendation, but it's the first good word I've heard about Central Steakhouse among the dozen or so reviews I've read/received. I wish that place only the best -- goodness knows New Haven could use a steakhouse -- so I hope your review is a sign of things to come.

          1. re: Sweet

            Carmen Anthony's is set to open soon. Should be able to get a good steak and fine service then. Richie

    2. Rhoomba is big time noisy- what's the current term? A high energy room. Not a good place,if you're looking for conversation. I'd pick Zinc of these two for this occasion - especially if you're a dessert fan.

      However, for conversation, I'd suggest Ibiza. Excellent Spanish, tapas specialty. Got a best young chef recognition a couple years ago. Far more manageable volumewise for conversation. Excellent wine list.

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      1. re: Dave

        I second Ibiza--don't miss their desserts! Roomba and Zinc (in no particular order) are also good, but usually R is crowded and Z is noisy. If you are interested in ethnic cuisine, there are several Thai and Eritrean estaurants downtown which would also be contenders.

        1. re: Dave

          I third Ibiza. Most sophisticated food in New Haven, and if price/cuisine is no object, there's no reason to go anywhere else. Wine list is great for bottles, less so by the glass.

        2. I just had a awsome dinner at Central Steakhouse, great service too. I heard the second year they had some growing pains, but now the place is well priced and doing everything right. I wanna go back next week! Sweet, they also have had some great reviews.

          1. Has anyone ever been to that new Santa Fe style restaurant "Geronimo" on crown street?

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            1. re: Browneyedmom

              I hang out there. They have some interesting margaritas. Food and ambience are both good. Worth checking out.