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Oct 21, 2004 06:42 PM

Good eating/weekend getaway within an hour of Peterborough, NH? Brattleboro?

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I'm doing a two-month stay in Peterborough, NH. My husband is coming in from Seattle to visit and we'd like to go somewhere for the weekend, preferably within an hour or so of Peterborough. Not being from the area, I don't know the best place to go. Any suggestions of place, and then of good restaurants? We generally like interesting, well-made food, local ingredients, etc.. Not as into old-fashioned New England food.

Is Brattleboro a good option? Portsmouth?

Any suggestions for a nice town with good restaurants are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Although I really like Brattleboro because it is a nice New England-type town with "homey" places to eat, I would recommend that you go to Portsmouth. The downtown area was totally renovated several years ago and it is lovely. I'm sure that you will find some great restaurants there, too.

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      Portsmouth IS nice....but it is about a two hour drive from Peterborough. For a weekend stay, not that long a drive I suppose . Just an FYI .

    2. Maybe counter intuitive, but if you're staying in P'bo, how about a couple days in fabulous Manchvegas? About an hour away. Great Vietnamese, Nepali, Lebanese, BBQ (owners from Bulgaria via Memphis), some very good contemporary American places, plus Chez Vachon for poutine! Best mex in NH at La Caretta. Irish pubs, wine bars! Manchester was once the biggest mill complex in the country, and the Millyard Museum and the Currier Museum are very interesting. One of only 5 Frank Lloyd Wright houses open to the public. If you want a B*B, Ash Street Inn is highly rated, otherwise the Radisson downtown takes dogs and is in within walking distance of some good dining. Did I mention Lala's for Hungarian pastry and goulash? Or Angela's for fresh pasta and great cheeses. You could take a day trip up to Canterbury Shaker Village or over to the coast, Portsmouth is a great town.

      1. A longer drive than you're looking for, but I'll toss out Middlebury as I'm partial to the Lake Champlain region and this puts you close with multiple lodging choices in town (Inns or B&B's) and several good restaurants (Storm Cafe, Tully & Marie's, Mr. Ups has a good salad bar but is otherwise ordinary), as well as nearby Vergennes (see recent posts).

        Many Vermont restaurants focus on using local ingredients. You could make a day trip to Burlington for a good lunch and great views of the Adirondacks from the waterfront path. Both are good walking towns with college-owned art museums - if you care. I figure you have good mountain access where you live, so go for something distinct to the region - either Maine seacost (an even longer drive) or Lake Champlain area. Portsmouth is certainly pleasant, but likely not all that different than port towns local to you.

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          Jackson, NH in the White Mountains is a nice weekend and dining location. If it's still warm, you can dip your toes in Jackson Falls after a nice hike. Manchester, Vermont is another nice option with lots of inns and restaurants.