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Apr 6, 2000 01:05 PM

NO MORE COOKIES!!! (Anna's, in the Mission)

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Bob(TM), with eagle eye, spotted the following in a newspaper. Anna's is one of my favorite places in SF's Mission District (see my report on this, and a bunch of other SF chow, at, and I'm pretty bummed:

"We will be closing the cookie company on the 13th day of May,
2000. I have been in the business for the last 60 years and am
now going to retire.

We have had great customers throughout the 60 years and even
had one of our best holiday seasons last year. Our company is up
for sale, so the cookies might be baked at a different location.

Sincerely, Ralph E. Donnelly, Partner

Order your cookies for Easter early. No baskets this year, but we
do have Easter pack boxes & tin's Easter wrapped.

P.S. Cookies (plain) can be frozen up to 8 months if you care to
have some on hand."

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