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Oct 15, 2004 09:57 PM

Pier 83 in Ellington

  • k

Am going there sat. night. Have heard good and bad but always second hand. Anyone have an opinion?

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  1. Hey Kevin. Pier 83 can be great and can be average without rhyme or reason. The chef is real good but the place has limitations. Order something of a Carribean nature - that is his forte. I think there is too small a clientele out there for them to make a go of it. (Of course Aqua is still doing fine it seems)

    1. Just ate there and the food was very good. Limited menu, though. Nice atmosphere. Only problem: Outside does not really match the inside. Plus, so far from the road! But go for it, the food is great. Chicken marsala, ah, very good, and the butternut squash! Lobster fettucine and spring roll also very good.

      1. Ate there last year. Food was actually very good but we've not been back. There's something about the interior of the restaurant that takes away from the ambiance it needs. Can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe that we were 2 out of only 4 people eating there?

        1. I live moments away, yet have never heard of this restaurant...they need to improve their marketing!! I'll give it a shot.