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Mar 31, 2000 01:14 PM

Armenian in the Bay Area?

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I'm sure there's one in SF, but does anybody know of a great Armenian restaurant on the peninsula?

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    Nicole Vetzmadian

    I have been looking for some good Armenian food myself. Any luck finding a place?

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    1. re: Nicole Vetzmadian
      Jonathan Hirshon

      The best Armenian in the Bay area may be found below - another treasure from the coveted JH worldwide restaurant database:

      The Armenian Gourmet - A great place - small and VERY POPULAR - arrive for lunch at 1:20 (they close at 1:30). Great hummus, feta, kebabs and excellent baklava 408-732-3910 929 E. Duane Sunnyvale CA USA

      1. re: Jonathan Hirshon

        Place sounds great, Jonathan, thanks! Any more distinctly Armenian stuff, or mostly just the usual Medit. fare?

        Hey, lay some more tips from the legendary JH database on us when you get a chance! The good thing about doing so here is that you'll be sending good chowhound customers to places, rather than obnoxious foodies.

        The more we all pool tips, the better we'll all eat. All for the greater chow good of your brother and sister hounds!


      2. re: Nicole Vetzmadian

        Hi Nicole,

        Wanted to say hi to your sister shushana and your family. Had to quit drinking first. Best of luck to all of you. Send me a note sometime.

        Kurt at