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Oct 14, 2004 10:39 AM

A good Indian restaurant in Nashua, NH?

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Is there a good Indian restaurant in Nashua, NH? I love Indian food and would Greatly appreciate if i could get some information about it?

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  1. There was a review of India Palace in last Sunday's North West section of the Globe.

    It isn't coming up in a search, but here's another review that might be helpful.


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      I also like India Palace, though I go most often for the lunch buffet (and then don't need to eat dinner). The buffet is a great deal and I believe that they also have it on the weekends.

      After holiday shopping last night, I ordered take-out and had a great meal at home. I got the Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer. The red and green look very festive on a plate, especially around the holidays.

    2. I 2nd India Palace - I've tried several others in NH and India Palace's food tastes far better than those. It's on Amherst Street in the strip mall next to the NH Community Technical College.

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      1. re: N.

        I have dined there perhaps 6 times. The most recent being about 5 weeks ago.

        Let's keep things in perspective: NH. Indian Food.

        With that in mind, India Palace Nashua (And the other place of the same name on S. Willow in Manchester- another part of their family, but not jointly owned from what I understand) is/are very good Indian food.

        The best NH Indian food I've had is Shalimar in N. Conway, VERY unexpected but tested and true from my personal multi-visit test system. Another decent little strip mall place in W. Lebanon, NH that is surprisingly good.

        But back to India Palace - Perspective = They are very good. Staff willing and concerned and caring. Service is sometimes quite quick.

        I like dining at a place that seems polite and appreciate of my business. They are. Service oriented, and many "regular" restaurants could learn a lot from them.

        I am not entirely familiar and comfortable with the Indian menu and last time I ate there I ordered something for an appetizer that was like Rice Crispies with some bit of spiciness in it. Interesting, and I understand it is a traditional dish. I loved the way the manager asked, after we finished the dish, "Did you like that?"

        I appreciate that. They knew it would be a "weird" dish for a gringo, and were interested in my impression.

        OK. My Festero score for India Palace, keeping in mind we are in NH = 8.4

        My Festero score for India Palace compared to all Indian restaurants in the US = 7.6 (Not that I've had Indian food in that many states... just trying to keep things in perspective.)

        It's all about perspective.

        1. re: Dave B

          The strip-mall indian joint in W. Lebanon closed a while ago. I think they were run by the same folks who run the India Queen in Hanover. Food there varies, but it's a hot spot for a drink on a Friday night.

          1. re: b grubbs

            Thanks for the update on the W. Leb. place.

            I hadn't been there is a while, and knowing it's closed now I won't count on it as a lunch spot next time I'm in town.

            Not much in the offerings for that area in general...

          2. re: Dave B

            I realize I'm replying to a four-year-old post, but ...

            Having eaten at numerous Indian restaurants in Massachusetts, various parts of New York state, Philadelphia, Chicago, London, and others, I have to disagree that India Palace is good only by New Hampshire standards. It stacks up well against Indian eateries in any of the places I have been.

            I had brunch there this weekend and was extremely impressed (as I have been in the past). The buffet is larger and more varied than at most Indian eateries, and more vegetarian-friendly than most. Good for those with dietary restrictions, as well as those without (since we can graze from a lot more side-dish options!)

            A bit further afield, I have been very impressed by the weekend buffet at the Ambassador in Woburn, Mass.


            Ambassador Indian Restaurant
            9 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801

        2. Our first Indian food experience was in Indian Palace Nashua. If this is Indian cuisine, I am very disappointed.
          We started with "Mulligatawyn soup", which is just an ordinary one nothing special.
          House special Platter; Very very disappointed!!! Nothing special. Everything is fried (in a very bad oil and over cooked) and tastes the same. We felt that we are at the very bad Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food restaurant.
          Naan; I was happy to see a "Bread Menu". But Naan was way below to my expectation.
          Boti Kebab Masala; Presentation was good. But lamb had no real lamb taste. It seems it was cooked before and heated. Or they have 2 cooking process while they cook.
          Palace Special Biryani; Very mixed plate. I could not taste what I was eating. Very overpriced. Never recommended.
          Kheer (Rice Pudding); Very bad version of other cuisines. Very liquid. I felt that I was eating boiled Basmati Rice in sweet milk.
          Kulfee (House Ice Cream); I did not like the spices in it. Not Recommended.
          Raita was bad version of other cuisines too.
          Surprisingly Cocktails were good...
          They have nothing in menu for kids.
          Atmosphere was Okay. But not a fine dining as they advertised.Tables are very close to each other. Furnitures are old (not antique).
          Server was friendly but not a good server. Nobody took the plates until we leave. We had pile of plates on the table.
          It was not expensive except Palace Special Biryani. However, since we did not like the taste of the foods, it is not worthed.

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          1. re: Attila

            Their food is great - trust me - I have had absolutely inedible Indian restaurant food and this place makes everything fresh. Their Baingan Bhartha is fabulous - nice and eggplant-y, not tomato paste-y like some places make it. Their Chicken Saag is the best I've ever had, hands down. Also their Aloo Paratha bread is great. Their service is the best and I have never been disappointed there, and I eat there probably once a month. Maybe you just don't like the taste of Indian food in general - my husband doesn't either so I go by myself or with friends who like it.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Cafe India at 6 Elm Street in Nashua downtown is the best place for food and hospitality.They have larger selection of indian food and their food is great there chicken tikka..,momo,veg. Korma everything was perfect.There price for everyday lunch buffet was reasonable just $6.99 and we had more than 14 dishes.Thank you india cafe