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Oct 13, 2004 07:13 AM

Best Hotdogs in Conn.

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For a great HotDog in Conn. Go to Blackies in Cheshire.Don't forget to try their relish. That's what makes the HotDog so great.

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  1. We love Blackie's!!! Hot dogs are awesome and cheap at about $1.50 each. Yes, the relish is what makes them so good. They are open every day except Friday.

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    1. re: Lily

      Blackie's relish is good, but I was never too keen on their dogs, though.

      This thread has come up before, and I'm surprised Guida's on the Meriden-Middlefield line hasn't come up more often. The dogs grilled 'til they're nice and crispy with fantastic flavor. As per NE tradition the buns split and toasted. The fries are made fresh to boot.

      Check out the Sterns' review below.



      1. re: E.G.

        As long as you are posting reviews by the Stern's then I should add this review that they did of Blackie's. Note that it was reviewed after Guida's. They are both great places for hot dogs, it just depends on your preferences. Another great hot dog place is Frankie's with several locations in Waterbury, Bristol and Naugatuck.


        1. re: Lily

          Frankies, eh? I remember they used to have a branch in Cheshire, must've been around 15 years ago or so. I didn't know they're still around -- I might have to make a trip!


          1. re: E.G.

            The best, bar none, hot dogs in Connecticut are at a place in Colchester, The name escapes me. Anyone?

            1. re: Cookie

              Would this be Harry's Drive-In by any chance? I heard that their food is awesome.

              1. re: Lily

                I will go with the message abour Millsie's in Windsor Locks, I am a regular there, a super nice couple run the place, VERY CLEAN and there chili (no beans, really a meat sauce) is the best. The Muckies hot dogs they sell are the best, Grote and W changed hands a few years ago and are not the same, muckies have been the same for over 90 years!

                1. re: Alex

                  I like JK's in Danbury...... There's a meat sauce

                  1. re: Alex

                    been i fla 45 yrs, still get muckies mailed to me

                    1. re: b white

                      hello i lived in conn for 6 years and fell in love with muckies hotdogs and now i wont eat any other hot dog can you help me find a site where i can order them it will be greatly apprecated

                      1. re: always_a_loser_magnet

                        Just talked to owner of muckies,sorry they dont ship em but stop and shop in middletown ct and meadowmeat market both sell them muckies no is 860 246 i guess youll have to find a person to buy em and ship em yo you

                      2. re: b white

                        can you tell me how to get muckies sent . I am in florida and would like some

                        1. re: sailing

                          Lenny, Were you able to get info on Muckies? Thanks,

                          1. re: rstiff41

                            muckies no is860 246 5609 they dont sell em there or mail em

                        2. re: b white

                          Alex can pass along how to get muckes in fla

                          1. re: sailing

                            I live in Texas and would like to get the info on where I can purchase muckies from and have them shipped to my home. Can you please share any info you have?

                          2. re: b white

                            Can you give me contact info for Muckies? Thanks alot, Rick

                            1. re: b white

                              I grew up on muckies how can i get them delivered to my house in South Carolina?


                                1. re: b white

                                  I just moved to SC about a year ago & so far the dogs are horrible. I've eaten at Blackies, Guida's and Frankies & all their dogs are excellent. I enjoy the Muckie brand hotdog the best with Hummel at a close second. Can you tell me where you order the Muckies from? Thanks in advance.

                                  1. re: babecarta

                                    We moved to FL 12 years ago from Hamden. Whenever we have visitors from CT, our guests are REQUIRED to bring a 5 lb. box of Hummel's for Mom. They are the best!

                                  2. re: b white

                                    Were do you get them mailed from Im in SC and they dont have them down here. I would very much appreciate the address or phone number where you order them.

                                    1. re: b white

                                      Can you give me the address for having them sent to me?

                                      1. re: patriciasmithwarner

                                        I am not sure if this note is addressed to me but Mucke's did not mail their dogs and have been bought out by Grote & Weigel a couple of years ago & Grote & Weigel were bought out by Chicopee Ma-based Rachael's Food Corporation. I do not not know if the original Muckie recipe is used my Rachael's Food Corporation. See

                                  3. re: Lily

                                    It would be Harry's Place, The are open only in the warmer months of the year. While it is still great, it has changed slightly and I find the food is not quite as perfect as it once was.

                                    This is sour grapes perhaps, I hate having childhood memories changed or taken away. It is still my favorite place for burgers and dogs and great onion rings and fries. You sit out on great old picnic tables, thick with deep green paint under nice shade trees. I cannot think of a more ideal setting for a drive in dinner.

                                    1. re: gardencub


                                      I have the same childhood memories. The burgers used to be better, and the atmosphere was different. They went downhill somewhere in the late 90s. Still good rings and a good burger, but not what it used to be. Maybe they cut down on the fat content?

                                      1. re: gildomilo

                                        ;I hate to say it, but this year, the food is really bad, the burgers are now being made with chopped meat that is so high in fat content that the flavor is gone. I think that finally greed, efficiency, and the economy have caused some less then 'savory" practices to be instituted.

                                        You can't go home again...

                                    2. re: Lily

                                      amazing hotdogs,hamburgers, fries, onion rings, fried clams!

                                      1. re: tammiteacher

                                        I second Saint's as Best dog in CT.. Don't overlook Blackies in Prospect Though. Their dogs are Regular Hummels but that Home-made relish is Excellent.

                                        Berlin Pizza on the Berlin Tnpk is also said to have a good dog - Anything is Better than their God-Awful Pizza.


                                      2. re: Lily

                                        That would be Harry's. LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG lines in the summer.

                                      3. re: Cookie

                                        are you thinking of Harry's?-- been there for 50 years that I remember. 'Course Old Harry is ling gone but the quality continues, hamburgers are great too and the lines are there all summer long. They close soon- so hurry up!

                                        1. re: Cookie

                                          Harry? I haven't been there in a few years. It was named after a CT legislator who is now deceased. I think his name was Harry Cohen.

                                          1. re: Cookie

                                            Harry's is probably the stand that you remember. And the hot dogs are great!

                                            Harry's Place
                                            104 Broadway, Colchester, CT 06415

                                        2. re: Lily

                                          Frankie's does a very good dog. Also really like their fried vegetable assortment (brocc, caul, zucc, shrooms). The Bristol location started offering horseradish sauce with the veggies. TDF!

                                        3. re: E.G.

                                          Blackies, huh? Well, blackies now Sells its relish.Since Rosslers went out of business, I think they use hummels now, another really good Dog.....In Florida we cannot get a decent hot relish except if we have talentged friends who can make it for us or send away to Uncle Maynards Hot Pepper relish. Nothing good here in Florida...Yukkie

                                          1. re: kalove345

                                            Do you know how to send away to Uncle Maynard's? We moved from CT to TX and can't find it anywhere including the internet.

                                        4. re: Lily

                                          Update everyone! Happened to stop at Harry's in Colchester the other day for lunch and it is still as good as ever, open only thru next weekend, Halloween, before it closes for the season. All beef hot dogs are still made by Bogners and the others are Muckes; So that ends the debtate- they have both. And the hamburgers are still the best ever, still prepared the way Harry did 50 years ago, and the rolls - which no longer come from Colchester Bakery, are identical to the ones we all know and love. Get there for your last licks ASAP!!!

                                          1. re: Lily

                                            the best hot dog i've ever had was at Kurt's Mucke's in Torrington soo goood.

                                            1. re: kurt johnson

                                              I have to agree. Kurt's dogs are legend in the greater Torrington area.

                                              1. re: kurt johnson

                                                Kurt's Hot dogs are like candy to me! I have tried to buy Muckie's and bring them home but they do NOT taste as great as Kurt's!! I wish they were there longer than just till 3 pm. How many times have I been by their two locations in Torrington only to have it be 3:15 and they are gone! THAT ruins the rest of my day!!!!

                                              2. re: Lily

                                                I agree with Blackies. Not only is the relish second to none, the mustard is awesome as well.I also like the way you place your order. Just stand at the counter and yell out how many dogs you want. I always loved the "no dancing" sing on the wall in the side dinning room!

                                              3. Blackie's does absolutely nothing for me. They are so militant with their lack of condiments, but it isn't like they have a fantastic dog where I should savor the flavor of it.

                                                I recently tried Guida's. I agree with the other post, very good dog.

                                                Super Dupre Weenie in Fairfield is good, but their dogs alone are just OK. It is the three pounds of condiments that make them good!

                                                1. Woah, wanna try a FANTASTIC hot dog, check out MILLSIE"S a hot dog cart (enclosed trailer actually) in Windsor Locks by the airport, on rt 75 (next to Bradley Bowl and McD's). They have fantastic dogs (Muckies dogs) plain, but their meat sauce, sauerkraut and onion relish is beyond compare. I think weekdays only till about 3, and they said they will be there all winter. Nice days be ready to wait in line at lunch.

                                                  1. Don't overlook "Saint's" in Southington near the Plainville town line on Rte 10. The "in-crowd" knows that the proper way of ordering a dog there is with "MOS"*

                                                    *Mustard, Onions, Sauce

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                                                    1. re: Far Far

                                                      Oh, I miss Saints! Every Friday, my boss would say "Let us adjourn to the Sainted Venue" and we'd all troop over there for lunch. I live in Cleveland now and have to visit Saints next time I'm home.

                                                      1. re: Far Far

                                                        Agree about Saints. They now take credit cards, too. Sauce is a mystery, tho. Not enough texture for me, but still good.

                                                      2. Swanky Franks in Norwalk has one of the best dogs.
                                                        They deep fry them and then throw them on the gill.

                                                        They're on the Post Rd (Rt 1) at Exit 13 off Rt 95