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Mar 31, 2000 12:51 AM

Zinzino in the Marina???

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Anybody know of a trattoria in the Marina called Zinzino? I hear great reports about their wood-fired pizza as well as the fact that their chef is a Spago alum and one of SF's rising stars...I'm planning a trip out West soon and looking for some local insight.

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  1. I just had dinner with two of my friends at Zinzino last week.We had a fine time there. The atmosphere is really eclectic (although the service suffers a little when the restaurant is full) and the dining room is larger that it looks from the outside.
    We started with a baby spinach salad with (dried) pears and a warm maple vinaigrette. It was large enough for two to split and they didn't insist on splitting it for us (so we skipped the upcharge). The entrees we had were: day boat scallops (I didn't try them but my friend was delighted), a filet topped with roquefort onions and home fries (they substituted veggies for the potatoes without making a fuss) - the steak was huge and the onions were rich enough to cause a 200 point rise in your cholesterol count. I had the lamb stew with sweet potato polenta and arugula. It was really outstanding. We didn't look at the dessert menu (for fear of blowing up) but they all looked great. With a bottle of wine, three of us got out of there for about $80. The wine list is ample and not outrageously overpriced. WE sat at the table for about a half hour after they presented the bill and nobody rushed us out (please note that we had an 8 pm reservation so they were winding down). I hope you have a fine meal there. Let us know.

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      francis fiddlehead

      Zinzinos has this marvellous oval hand thrown THIN pizza.

      I like the mushroom one alot....

      They used to have this warm salad with chicken drippings and small baked potatoes and orange slices that was just dreamy but they stopped it.

      The proscuitto wrapped prawns are just amazing.

      They used to have a nice little dessert wine: orange they still?

      also: try to sit at the bar right in front of the pizza oven.

      it is utterly delightful: you see the chefs prepare food, your pizza comes super hot, you smell all sorts of delicious concoctions.....the fire is cheery.

      beats a table ANy day.