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Oct 5, 2004 07:45 PM

Bizen in Great Barrington

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Any thoughts on Bizen for sushi in Great Barrington?

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  1. best of the few options for sushi in south county. everything is relative.

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    1. re: hitch

      I went to Bizen last night. The interiors are amazing. =) The sushi was done well. I had the "medium" Toro- a hint of old age and a little bit of connective tissue at one end of the cut... not the best I have had. The rolls were tasty as was the things on the robota menu. The mochi yaki was a bit too salty for me though. Great sake selection. I think I would go for the seafood nabe the next time we go. Apparently there are 4 kitchens so the food came out in a strange order. Enjoy!

      1. re: chris

        Bizen is by far the best sushi restaurant in a town which boasts 3 competitors--in fact, it rivals many a NYC establishment both in the quality of its ingredients and the imagination of its presentation and decor. Fish is extremely fresh (the owner boasts that he gets his fish from the same dealer as Nobu) and the menu is varied and interesting. Well worth a visit

    2. We ate twice at Bizen in July, 2006. I thought the food was really delicious. Even details - like the sushi rice - were great.

      1. I really do not understand raves for Bizen--I prefer any of the other sushi restaurants in the area--and if you're coming from NYC, why would you want sushi in the Berkshires when NYC is rife with GREAT sushi? I find Bizen's food MUCH too salty--gives me a hangover--and if you're not having sushi they have only a couple of sauces that makes everything taste the same--hence the characteristic odor of the place. The wait staff is not good at telling you, either, that you've ordered two dishes with the same sauce. I've also had their Kaiseki and could hardly get through it. The place is noisy and brusque--if you must have sushi try any of the other places in town, all good.

        1. Actually, you might want to give Fin in Lenox a try. There are really wonderfully creative fat rolls; the sushe is great; the hot food is very very good.

          1. We've never been fans of Bizen. I'm reluctant to add to Fin's praise, because it's tiny and noisy and gets overcrowded as it is. But the sushi is truly extraordinary, even by NYC standards. Lots of the cooked dishes are excellent also. Try the fried calamari, the ookonomiyaki, the daily specials. Noodle dishes are not their strong point. For fish freshness and quality, can't be beat.