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Mar 23, 2000 01:43 PM

See's Candies revisited: marzipan

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I'm new to this site, so I missed the earlier disciussion of See's. I grew up in See's country, and while I think some of their creations (and especially the truffles) so-so at best, I have to say that they have the best chocolate-covered marzipan I've had. This is a favorite of mine, a tastes inherited from my mom (though I hate those marzipan fruit things--yech), and See's beat all the European imports I've tried. The filling is not overly sweet, which is of major importance, and is a little dry, which is fine, and much preferable to pasty.

One great thing about See's shops is that they're happy to sell you just one or two pieces of candy. Makes it hard to walk by without buying some, though...

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