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Mar 22, 2000 08:02 PM

Please suggest Sacramento eats

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I am visiting a friend in Carmichael next month and we are going to eat ourselves silly. Please suggest anything uniquely good in the area, we're adventurous!

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  1. upscale expensive

    Slocum House -California french asian- Fair Oaks
    Twenty Eight -California cuisine Sacramento
    Chanterelle -California regional Sacramnto

    fun food

    Habanero Cava Latina -Latin rim- Sacramento
    Tapa The World- tapas- Sacramento
    Lemon Grass- fusion Thai- Sacramento
    Paragarys- Italian, american, pizzas, Sacramento
    Piatti- Italian- Sacramento
    Hcienda del Rio- Mexican (fun on a hot day)- Folsom
    Yager's Tap House- beer and baby backs- Folsom

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      New Station on Broadway--ChineseTres hermanas Kst MexicanShige Sushi Howe AveMikune sushi Hazel AveEdokko Japanese BroadwayBiba's Italian Expensive but worth it

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        If you are on your way to Tahoe via Highway 50, try BACK FORTY BBQ ribs, chicken, sausage and sliced beef/pork plus fixin's. Take the Ponderosa exit just above Cameron Park. There is another BACK FORTY in Roseville off I-80 plus another in Pleasanton. ENJOY! Great stop now that Sam's is closed.

      2. re: Marilayne

        There's another brewpub--can't recall the name--on (I think) M St. near 20th or so. They have some very good brews, as I recall, and some standard pub food.

        1. re: Tom Hilton

          Could that be FOX AND GOOSE?? On 30th and M or so?

          1. re: Betty D

            No; it's closer to 20th & M. But it looks like it isn't there any more. It was the first brewpub to open in Sacramento.

            1. re: Tom Hilton

              The fox and goose is very much alive and kicking, especially when local bands play there. However, the pub is located at 10th and R.

      3. Try NOODLE HOUSE at Manzanita and Madison. Good Vietnamese food.

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          the noodle house is great, i used to live in sac, and my brother and i were hard pressed to find pho until the noodle house opened, also try the fried wantons, they're tasty.

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          Chris Pechal

          Try the Esquire Grill
          It's Randy Paragary's newest and brightest restaurant in downtown Sacramento. It's next to the Convention Center and IMAX Theater. It's very retro, the restaurant is upscale 50's. Martini's and steak. I've heard nothing but raves since it opened in February. On any given evening, you may see the Maloffs (King's owners)or members of the team. Also favored by the "Capitol Crowd." Food is excellent, their specialty is a Porterhouse Steak for two, but they also have items like Ahi Tuna for the non-meateaters. The appetizer menu is also very good.
          Expensive. Suggest reservations because it's very popular at the moment.

          1. Well, my trip to Sacto was a great success and I want to report on some of the places we went to.

            We went to the Legion of Honor in SF for an exhibit and afterward walked over to Pacific Cafe on 34th and Geary, FABULOUS! A waiting list when the doors opened at 5 PM, but yes we were given bottomless glasses of Chablis while we waited. The host has the best job in the world, and he had a smile a mile wide to prove it.

            We ordered crab cocktail, which was a bargain at $7 for 6 or 7 oz. of fresh dungeoness, no shells. Choices of soups were salmon bisque (what is the definition of bisque anyway?) that was very simple and fresh tasting, and a Pacific clam chowder which disappointed my friend who was expecting New England-cream based chowder. One friend ordered crab cakes, these were divine, all crab and maybe a little onion and something to bind it. I had poached salmon and scallops with buerre blanc, which were moist and delicate and just perfect. Our other friend ordered grilled halibut, which was a little dry for my taste, but that is the only gripe about our meal. After all of that we decided to go for the chocolate torte, which was delicious, smooth, almost chocolate mousse meets truffle. With excellent service, large portions and the tab for three totaling less than $70, I think Pacific Café is a great bargain. A footnote about previous posts referring to the Pacific Café's décor as "70's", I didn't think the atmosphere was distasteful at all, in fact I appreciated the lack of pretentiousness.

            Overwhelmed with satisfaction by Pacific Café, I was disappointed by Paragary's (Folsom) brunch. The food wasn't that special and the prices were high. We had a choice of entrée that included a so-called "buffet". This buffet was basically a really limited salad bar (maybe five items!) with less than fresh produce. I ordered Eggs Benedict, which were so fancied up that I couldn't detect any Hollandaise in the Hollandaise. I love my Hollandaise, so that was heart breaking. I also asked for my eggs to be poached medium and got them very soft, a place like this ought to be able to manage an egg order. One free glass of champagne came with the brunch, after that you had to pay, which seemed chincy for a brunch. The best thing I can say about Paragary's was that they had excellent service, especially the cute busboy that flirted with us and made sure our coffee and water were never empty.

            On our last day, my friend took me to an ice cream parlor that she's been going to since she was a kid called Leatherby's Family Creamery. They make all their ice cream and sauces and pile on the largest portions I've ever seen. I ordered a junior sundae and had a difficult time with it. The real whipped cream and homemade hot fudge on top of peppermint ice cream were sinful. This is a great place to go with your sweet tooth. We went to the one at 2333 Arden Way, but I think they have other locations around Sacramento.

            These are the highlights, we went other places, but they weren't worth mentioning. Thank you for all your suggestions and maybe next time I'll get to check out more of them. I hope I wasn't too hard on Paragary's, wince!

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              I reposted this after reprimand for bad placement by Big Dog, he was right.


            2. About three years ago, I had a simply superb meal at Biba's in Sacramento. Essentially Italian, but with some California Cuisine overtones. nice wine list. Rather pricey, but worth the tariff.