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Sep 28, 2004 06:36 PM

weekend in VT

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I will be visiting my girlfriend in Boston this weekend (I'm from Seattle) and we're headed up to VT for the weekend. Can folks recommend some spots between Boston and possibly Vershire (we'll probably stay in Woodstock one night)? The other night we'll be staying at the Blueberry Hill Inn, which includes dinner (any comments on that place would be welcome).

Has anyone been to The Farmer's Diner in Barre? Does anyone know if you can purchase cider at Farnum Hill?


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  1. I believe that you can get Farnum Hill Cider at the orchard (from

    "Farnum Hill Ciders/Poverty Lane Orchards: Our retail stand opens for September and October only, but cider purchases can be arranged anytime. Find us at 98 Poverty Lane off Rte. 4 in Lebanon, just at Exit 19 off I-89. We have all the ciders, of course. Farmhouse growlers in Fall only. See also (603) 448-1511"

    though if not, you can go one exit S on 89 (the Hanover/Lebanon exit -- 17, i think), then go N on 120 through a few lights to the Co-op Market in the Centerra center (on your right). They have most varieties of Farnum Hill's cider near the left rear corner by the wine section. They also have big jugs of the Farmhouse cider in the beer cooler.

    And all I know about the Farmer's diner is that it isn't open very late (3 pm?) on Sundays.


    1. east ender restaurant is good in woodstock.

      1. I've been to the Farmer's Diner for dinner & have had several online discussions with others who have been there. The consensus is that breakfast is the meal to go for; otherwise, don't bother.

        1. Apparently I committed a grievous sin by mentioning this in your post on the Boston board (mea culpa), but Carpenter and Main in Norwich is a great country French place right across the river and I-91 from Hanover, NH.

          The duck confit and pate are not to be missed.

          Admittedly, the chef/owner is a friend of mine, but having eaten there as a paying customer, I highly recommend it.


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            I second the recommendation and swear that I have written a previous entry about this place.
            Good fish dishes,too, and some nice wine selections.

          2. We stayed in Woodstock for a week this summer and had a wonderful meal at the Prince and Pauper. Make reservations, though, it's pretty popular.