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Sep 27, 2004 05:55 PM

Lunch in Lee,MA

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Any suggestions for a nice Sunday lunch in or around Lee, MA, which would appeal to my elderly, but sophisticated relatives, as well as to my foodie teenage daughter? My uncle has a hearing loss; a noisy room would not do. He also uses a walker - so access is a consideration. Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. If your party likes Indian food, I recommend Bombay Bar and Grill on Laurel Lake. It is at the Black Swan Hotel, just outside of the town center on the way to Rt. 7. The dining room overlooks the lake so the environment is quite pleasant. The service is good, the food authentic, and the prices moderate.

    I've heard that From Ketchup to Caviar in downtown Lee is good but I've never been - I think I'm sort of turned off by the name.

    There are a few more dining options in Stockbridge, and even more in Lenox, if you want to travel further afield.

    PS - the one place in Lee that I've been to and would not recommend is Cactus Cafe right on the main street- they have a mix of Mexican, southwestern, and Cuban food. An earnest but amateurish attempt at a restaurant, unfortunately.

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      My grandparents just ate at Bombay Bar and Grill the other day and apparantly had a very nice lunch. My grandma commented that the lamb vindaloo was very very spicy (this made her very very happy) and the view was nice.

      Dave M.P.

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        I second the Bombay, which, in addition to its usual interesting offerings, has a Sunday lunch buffet of some interest.

      2. For excellent seafood try Salmon Run on Main St. (Route 7) in downtown Lee- just up the street from the Morgan House. Very reasonably priced and smaller portioned dinners available.