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Sep 24, 2004 12:59 PM

Newport Rhode Island Restaurant recs

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My husband & I w/be in the Newport, RI area October 2 & 3 and would be looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner...any recs? Also would like info on breakfast & lunch in general. Thanks!

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  1. Romantic High End: Spiced Pear and maybe Bouchards
    Lunch or casual dinner: Gertrudes, Cheeky Monkey, Rumb Line
    Breakfast. Noreys or Rachels (spelling?)

    Have a great trip

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    1. re: foodluvr

      I just had lunch today at the Red Parrot. A cool Carribbean inspired atomsphere. I had clams and mussels and my wife had a goat cheese salad. Both dishes were quite good. Give it a shot!

      1. re: KH

        The Red Parrot is a terrific restaurant! I went there with friends about a year ago. Their food is excellent and the atmosphere is lively. It probably wouldn't be the place for a romantic dinner unless you went during the week when it isn't so busy. We had to wait over an hour for a table on a Saturday night and it was noisy.

        1. re: Lily

          romantic? le petit aubergure (sp?) off was washington cute and nice. same owners as another recommendation bouchards....

          1. re: newporter

            La petite used to be good, not anymore. And bouchards doesnt own la petite, the owner is the same as astericks.

        2. re: KH

          The Red Parrot has clearly gone down hill.
          It is crowded and the staff is obnoxious. Do yourself a favor and eat somewhere else. What a rip-off.

        3. re: foodluvr

          Some good recommendations. Definitely Bouchard's for a romantic high end meal. Never fails to impress. Skip the Spiced Pear. WAY overpriced for underwhelming food and snobby service. Cheeky Monkey has moved to Narragansett, so cross that off your list. Rhumb Line is great! The White Horse just doesn't have the "wow" factor it used to have for me. We've been disappointed the last few times we went, although the atmosphere is great.

          I'm a big fan of Puerini's for Italian. I think of it as romantic because it's where I met my SO. Others may disagree! But the food has always been great. We occasionally go to the Red Parrot, but it's not my favorite place. Too touristy and the food is hit and miss. I actually really like the Mudville Pub. Too bad the Gulls won't be playing in October - sitting out in right field is great when there's a game on. A lot of fun with a nice, cold beer. Speaking of brews, an outside table at O'Brien's Pub on Thames can be a hoot too, especially if you're into people watching. Things can still be hopping in Newport in October.

          1. re: Bivalve88

            Spiced Pear is expensive but the food is great. Service sometimes lacks but I've never had a bad meal there.

            1. re: mscherzberg

              I've only had lunch so I thought it was okay for the money. I found the service to be somewhat young & inexperienced but not at all snobby. And the VIEW! To die for out on the terraza.

        4. There are many Newport discussions in August if you look back. Bishop's 4th St. Diner is great for breakfast as is Tommy's in Middletown. Black Pearl is good for lunch esp. if you can eat outside still. Tucker's on Broadway is nice for dinner.

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          1. Other restaurants I like that have not been mentioned yet (both have websites w/menus which are simply their name followed by "dot com"):

            White Horse Tavern (this is our "romantic/special occasion dinner" restaurant)

            Cafe Zelda is quite good, but I wouldn't really call it romantic.

            For a very casual lunch or dinner, Brick Alley Pub is good. Looks like a chain restaurant, though the food is a step above.

            1. asterix and obelisk

              1. Cafe Zelda is a local favorite, and is really nice.