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Sep 21, 2004 05:16 PM

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Norwalk, CT

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You must try this fabulous but small intimate restaurant in Norwalk, CT if you are looking for food that is healthy and very very delicous. "The Lime" is on 168 Main Avenue, Norwalk, CT and I recommend their Filafel Sandwich, their Nature Burger, wonderful soup, just about everything. Try the wraps. So much, so yummy and the presentation is worth the first bite. The manager, Lisa Peterson is so knowledgeable and will help you order what you like. Don't miss this treasure trove of delightful and different selections.

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  1. Go to IT'S ONLY NATURAL in Middletown, Ct. Wonderful sweet potato fries! Unique and delicious vegan restaurant

    1. Been there, love it. Great flavors, friendly service, and no fuss.

      1. Thanks for the rec, it was fantastic. I thought I was in California, the ingredients were so fresh and dressings light and sumptuous. Prices were great, service delightful. I work in Tarrytown and would give my eye teeth for a well priced, delicious lunch spot like this. All items can be made into a salad, pita sandwich or wrap, the salmon burger was excellent. buon appetito!