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Sep 15, 2004 08:47 AM

Churrascaria - Bridgeport/Fairfield County?

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Anyone been to a good churrascaria in Bridgeport or elsewhere in Fairfield County? Is there one? Looking to get a group of people together for dinner and thought it might be a fun thing to do. My only experience with churrascarias is Plataforma in Manhattan, which everyone who went loved. Something of relative quality (or even a notch below) would probably work.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I do know of a Churrascaria that just opened up in Hartford on Farmington Ave. Drove by the other day - they have outside seating - looks very nice, but have not tried it yet....but have plans to.

    1. There are a few in danbury the most notable Churrascaria Dourado on Newtown Rd.Probably your best bet.

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        Unless they have changed their name in the last year, that is called Serra Dourada and its a good recommendation. Its a funky country-themed bar with a rodezio and live music.

        While Danbury has the edge on Bridgeport, its definately catching up. The chain Terras Brasilis has outlets in both Bridgeport and Danbury, plus their site give the address http://www.terrabrasilisrestaurant.com/. I don't believe they offer a rodezio, its more by the pound, and none of these restaurants will be like Plataforma. At least around Boston the Terras has live music on weekends.

        Also in Bridgeport I have heard of Ki Tienda Minas Grill ((203)367-5443) which I believe does a lot of delivery and advertises on Brazilian TV. Some others that I know nothing about are Minas Carne Churrascaria (203)366-6066, Pantanal Churrascaria and Lanchonete (203)335-1071, and Panela de Barro (203)579-0145

        Cubata Bar and Grill (not a churrascaria, http://www.cubatabarandgrill.com/inde...) in Waterbury so Naugatuk is also going Brazilian.

        Out of curiosity does anyone know anything about garcia's churros in Danbury? (203)748-0781 Its a salgadeiro (snack maker), but I don't know if its home-based or a cafe...

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          Garcia's is a cafe and it's located on Balmforth Ave.Good churros!

      2. Thank you itaunas for that informative post.
        I have passed by Cubata bar and grill in the Brass city a few times, and I have been meaning to stop by but thanks to you I can view their menu online. Yes, the south end of Waterbury and Naugatuck have a growing Brazilian population. If you drive down south main street you will see the Brazilian flag hanging outside of laundry mats, grocery stores, an auto shop, etc.. There is also another Brazilian restaurant in Naugatuck called Sabor Brasil.

        Many people don't realize how large the Brazilian population is in CT, they tend to just think it is located in Danbury. But like you mentioned in your post Bridgeport has a lot of restaurants. And I can't forget Hartford, there are a few restaurants scattered around the city with a cluster of shops, etc on Park Street(close to Pope Park).

        1. Have you checked out Pantanal Restaurant in Bridgeport, CT?
          The food is delicious, and it is a fun place to hang out. True brazilian atmosphere.
          This is their website www.pantanalrestaurant.com

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            I love Pantanal. Out of all of the many Brazilian places in BPT Pantanal is the best.
            The food is great and the price is right.
            Plus, on the weekend they get bands from all over Latin America....Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, etc.... Some of those bands are considered the best bands in their home country.

          2. Hey, have you by any chance been to Churrascaria Azul Restaurant ? even though we just opened up not too long ago , its very good . Every Fridays there will be more of a Hispanic Night more then a Brazilian night , but other then that every is Brazilian. Its located at 1691 Main St. Bridgeport Ct. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. The website is currently not working, we are still working on it. You should all stop by some time soon.

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              love the giant beer towers! It's like 15 beers for $27. good fun place to watch soccer and munch on really good fried chorizo. didn't get to try much else but the tables around us seemed to really enjoy it. welcome to the nieghborhood guys!