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Sep 14, 2004 02:38 PM

REAL Donuts in NH?

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Anyone know of any REAL donut shops in NH..not Dunkin` and Honey Dew, etc..but the real, old-fashioned, hand-cut ones? Thanks!

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  1. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mrs.murphy's in jaffrey nh

    1. I think Mrs. Murphy's donuts in Jaffrey are the best donuts in New England. I sometimes drive an hour just to pick up a half-dozen.

      1. Muriel's Donuts, 20 West St., Lebanon, NH 603-448-1508
        it's in the basement of a house!

        Lou's Diner in Hanover on 30 S. Main St. makes some good doughnuts, too. (603-643-3321)

        1. Some one mentioned Mrs Murphy's in Jaffrey. Let me save you a trip... They are not what I expected.

          This morning, in a rush, I stopped there for a decafe and donut to go. The decafe was like water and the donut tasted like it was made three days ago. This was the second and final trip to Mrs. Murphy's for me.