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Feb 5, 2000 06:16 PM

Restaurants near SFO

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Does anybody know of any good restaurants near or around SFO--San Bruno, South City, down to Redwood city. All the ones I know of are cr*pp* chain restaurants. Thanks.

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    george osner

    Well, this is perhaps a bit far afield, but Mango Cafe in Palo Alto (right downtown) is an all time favorite with my whole family. The two owner-cooks are a pair of West Indians--one from Trinidad, one from Jamaica. I've never had a disappointing meal there.


    1. chuck--have I got a place for you. Use the link below, and look for "Seafood Harbor"



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        Warning: Seafood Palace is closed from 2:30 until 5. Of course we got there at 3... We ate at the Thai Stick [!] on the next block. Good, fast, pleasant, but not mindblowing. Needless to say, overall we were disappointed.

      2. the best restaurant that i have found was in burlingame.The burlingame brewery on california has a great atmosphere. Great food, great service at a great price. you should try it some time.