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Sep 10, 2004 04:18 PM

Need recommendations for NW CT

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I have just moved to Avon frm NYC and badly need some recommendations for good places to go to dinner in the general area; can anyone help???

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  1. I'm sure that I would be able to give you some recommendations in the area if I knew what types of food you prefer and in what price range.

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    1. re: Lily

      Re food, either French, New American etc; pretty much any type of food except Chinese. Pricewise, again not fussy; I would like to find some nice upscale places to go to dinner but if there are also cheap and cheerful options, so much the better. Hope you can help, thanks.

      1. re: karen

        Karen....Here are a few suggestions.

        I don't know too many upscale restaurants in this area but have heard lots of good things about a place in Simsbury (not far from Avon) called Metro Bis on Route 10. The chef/owner went to high school with one of my children and is highly thought of in the food field. Check it out and give us a report. Also, La Trattoria in Avon is quite good. If you like Mexican Food check out Margarita's in Canton which we have enjoyed for many years. Lots of people seem to enjoy The Dakota in Avon but we prefer Chuck's Steakhouse in Farmington. If you want to drive to Burlington (not really far) Cassille's Restaurant in excellent with a very extensive menu in the mid-priced range. In New Hartford (just a short drive west on Route 44) is a great little place for burgers and seafood called Blue Sky Foods. It has a neat "Parrothead" decor. Of course, there are the usual chain restaurants and some, such as Bertucci's, are quite good. Good luck.

        1. re: Lily

          Take a little drive to Torrington on Rt 4 East Maine Street, the Venetian Restaurant, great little spot Homey but has great real Italian food,

          You could also go to Lake Warmaug just pass Litchfield and take the lake road several nice spots to eat and evan a little winery.
          Down town West Hartford is close many good restaurants in about 3 block area.

          1. re: Lily

            Thanks for the info. Tried La Trattoria twice (!) and thought the food was poor. Metro Bis is definitely on the list and will report back. Also tried "Cugino's" - so-so food but no ambience. What is the deal with all the over-lit restaurants around here?

            1. re: Lily

              I don't think sending anyone to Cassille's is very neighbourly - You might as well send them to Denny's

            2. re: karen

              Metro Bis in Simsbury is a nice place for dinner... a little pricey, but worth it. French influence - across from Police station on Main Street

            3. re: Lily

              Re food, either French, New American, Italian, Vietnamese etc; pretty much any type of food really. Pricewise, again not fussy; I would like to find some nice upscale places to go to dinner but if there are also cheap and cheerful options, so much the better. Hope you can help, thanks.

              1. re: Lily

                Thsnks for the bread info! Any type of food really, especially French, New American, Italian and Vietnamese. Pricewise I would like to find a couple of good upscale places to go to dinner but also any cheap and cheerful places, any particular things that must be tied etc etc. This message may appear twice - computer problems, sorry!

              2. Register at (registration is free) and utilize the Dining section, which has restaurant reviews from about a half-dozen local publications. See link below.


                1. I haven't been there, so I can't vouch for it personally, but the Hartford Courant had the attached article about a new restaurant in Bethlehem, CT in the paper this morning. If you go, let us know how it is.


                  1. Check out John's cafe in woodbury. Chatterly's in New Hartford used to be really good but smoky inside. Maxamia's in avon used to be good also.

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                    1. re: Hammerhead

                      i disagree with the chatterly's recommendation - their food is even more lackluster than the atmosphere. we hired their caterer for a party and she didn't respond to us for weeks (not sure how she stays in business that way) before the party. and the actual food wasn't that great - typical dishes, nothing worth recommending.

                    2. Living in Avon, puts you in the middle of an area with some very good restaurants. In addition to those mentioned by previous posters, I'd like to add:
                      In Avon:
                      First and Last Tavern
                      Little Marks Big BBQ
                      Avon Old Farms Inn
                      Seasons @ Avon Old Farm Hotel
                      Taste of India
                      Carmen Anthony's Fish House
                      Ten minutes East in West Hartford:
                      Side Porch
                      Puerto Vallarta
                      Ten minutes North in Simsbury :
                      One Way Fare
                      Perfect Pear Cafe
                      Pettibone Tavern
                      Harvest Cafe and Bakery
                      Ten minutes West in Canton:
                      Porch Grille West
                      Ten minutes South in Farmington:
                      Piccolo Arancia
                      Green Tea
                      Let me know when you've exhausted this list, I'll give you more.