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Sep 8, 2004 07:14 AM

Acushnet, poised for Apple-Peach Festival, Sept. 9 & 10

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Anyone who can, should try to make this amazing celebration, held every year on the first weekend after Labor Day. Located all along North Main St, in Acushnet MA. this is another Bristol County, "must do."

There is something for every taste, with tons of locally grown fruit, homemade peach, apple & custard pies, fruit cobblers, and home made jellies & preserves, all available to tempt festival-goers. Also, along the street are stands where you can buy the areas famous Linguicia & Chorizo sandwiches. Parades & yard sales all along the road, add to the overall experience.

For those who can attend, I offer a tip that will in itself, be worth the visit. The areas fantastic "WHITE PEACH" is now being harvested. You must seek it out along the roadside farmstands. It is the biggest, sweetest, juciest peach in existence. Bend over when you bite into it or you will get wet. For those who know their peaches, this is the result of successufull transplanting of the famous "Georgia Peach." Except here you get it straight off the tree, no shipping and storage involved.

For those who would like to try an authentic Portugese meal while they are in the area, The Captains Place Restaurant, is on 162 South Main Street. Fine local cuisine at very reasonable prices.

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  1. Sorry, the correct dates are Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 11 & 12

    1. I know where Main Street is in Acushnet. I know where South Main Street is in Acushnet. Where is North Main Street?

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        North Main,is the part of Main ST that leads up to and becomes Rte. 105, around Long Plain, which is an old histotric sub-section of Acushnet. The Festival will begin on Main St., near town, and end about where it turns into 105. If you just follow Main St. north, you will see everything.

      2. Sorry, Louis, we took you up on the tip and were very disappointed. It was a long trip from Western RI for virtually nothing but a dusty flea market, bad music, and some OK peach cobbler and apple crisp - but with Cool Whip!
        Where were the farm stands? Aside from the Big Barn with the miniature horse and some goats? The festival was hard to find...signs yes, but directional arrows? No. Finally on the correct end of Main Street, ran into the Traffic Jam way before the festival grounds. Luckily a local tipped us about the "bypass around Lake Street". Sigh...we were looking for those juicy peaches and ended up buying some at a farm stand near URI.