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Jan 27, 2000 07:32 PM

Watergate - New Place in Town (ie. you can get reservations)

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New place called Watergate in the Mission. Typical California Cuisine. Great wine list and lobster martini's!!! Try it before the rest find out!

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  1. took your suggestion and went to Watergate-I agree;it was excellent!
    The food was expertly prepared, the service was attentive, and the atmosphere was a perfect backdrop for wonderful conversation...I was especially impressed with the number of single diners present-it is one of the few restaurants offering a fine dining experience that welcomes single diners and makes them feel at home.

    1. Dined there in February of 2001. I'm happy to report the food and service were excellent and the place is VERY reasonably priced! Managed to get a same-day reservation. $25 price-fixed menu, though mine was an extra five bucks since I opted for a foie gras starter. Corkage fee was a very fair $12. Service was terrific, not hurried nor harried. Portions, especially of the main course, a Veal T-Bone smothered with mushrooms, with a side of asparagus and potato wedges, were quite ample. Let's keep this a secret, please.