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Jan 18, 2000 06:40 PM

i want potato pancakes

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i guess i took potato pancakes for granted when i lived in manhattan, but now i don't know where to look to find some in the sf/silicon valley area. oh please, won't someone tell me where to get some good potato pancakes? =)

flipper =P

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  1. You might try Shenson's, on Geary near 15th; there are also a few other (mostly Russian) kosher delis further out Geary. I can't vouch for them, but it's probably worth a try, especially if you're as desperate as you sound.

    1. There's a place on Hayes and either Laguna or Octavia. I can't remember the name -- it's something German-sounding. It's painted yellow, with a green awning and shutters. They have very, very, good potato pancakes -- not as good as you can get in Brighton Beach or my Aunt Miriam's house, of course, but good.

      1. A great place for them is Walzwerk on south van ness around 15th. don't tell too many people about this place as i would hate not to be able to get a table there. it's east german food. the other place that the first guy was talking about is another german restaurant called suppenkuche.

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          It was reviewed in yesterday's Chron (link below), which means it'll be a lot more crowded for a little while.


        2. Ahhhhhh, Potato Pancakes with plenty of sour cream. I know of two spots in the East Bay that serve them. I've found that Potato Pancakes lovers come in two camps: 1) the solid-patty over fried kind or 2) the freshly grated spuds that form something resembeling a hash-brown patty.

          For #1 lovers: Try Saul's in Berkeley on Shattuck Avenue - 1 block away from Chez Panisse.

          For #2 lovers: Try Rick and Ann's right next to the Clairmont Resort in Berkeley.

          I personally prefer the Rick and Ann's version. If you try one of these places - let me know what you think.

          1. Max's Opera Cafe has pretty good latkes - crispy on the outside with a medium bodied earthy potatoe taste. Applesauce and sour cream are served as condiments. Generous portions and reasonable prices. Located on Van Ness, another in Brlingame and another in Palo Alto.

            Another place that I haven't tried myself is called Supppenkuchen, a family style german restaurant on Hayes street.

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            1. re: nycbuzz

              What's their grain like? Coarse little nuggets, or frilly shreds? Both kinds can be good, but it's gotta be nuggets (from hand grating or at least an electric meat grinder...NEVER a food processor!) to float my particular boat.

              I'm sure someone out there has tried Supppenkuchen...if we don't get answers to this, maybe we should post another message with that in the subject...I'm curious myself