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Dec 27, 1999 04:35 PM

ethereal pizza san francisco

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and unreal. in my wife's,and mine, humble opinion, the pizza at the nob hill cafe on taylor st, behind(north of)grace cathedral makes, well, divine pizza.we'd recommend getting there early, ordering any pizza off the menu(not specials), and skipping the pastas. the vegetable soup was also quite tasty...and the wines match quite well, and reasonably to the's the standard by which we rate all other pizzas....

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    Michael Glass

    Head to Ernesto's (in the Richmond -- Clement and about 27th) for really fantastic pizza. To be sure, I'm from Chicago, and Ernesto's is of a diff't pizza breed (read: not in Berkeley's/Zachary category).

    Nevertheless, sauce/crust/cheese ratio are near perfect. Pizza comes painfully hot. Portions are appropriate. Quality of ingredients are rich, but not nouveau-chic-pizza boring.

    Among the top Pizzas I've found in SF so far.

    I am deeply grateful (in advance) to anyone who can point me toward a phenomenal S.F. pizza.

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      For the pizza lover with sybil like tastes I have a few suggestions - My personal fav - Amici's Pizzeria - they bake their pizzas in a coal oven with an extra crispy crust - I can recommend the pesto, the spicy white (both without tomatoe sauce) and the pepperoni. The pizzas have just the right amount of cheese and moderate toppings - thin greasy (in a good way) like NYC pizza but not foldover material. Vegetable pizzas meet more of the new york standard but the b\veggies are generally mushy and uneventful. Amici's also delivers with a low minimum order or $1 more for orders under the minimum. They even deliver on time generally speaking. There is one location on Union Street and I think one other location in the city.

      Another favorite - Dino's on Fillmore. The crust is in between thick and thin - a medium body both a little crisp and a little chewy with plenty of cheese and toppings. This is a good,reliable beer and pizza place.

      Pizza Inferno, also on Fillmore is particularly good for gourmet style personal pizzas. The dough is a little sweet and chewy and all the ingredients are super fresh. Goat cheese and sundried tomatoes is a favorite. The other bonus is that you get a discount on weekends if you bring in a ticket stub from that day's movie at the kabuki. Note that the offer is only good for restricted time periods.