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Dec 22, 1999 10:20 PM

sf original joe's in the tenderloin

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yes...believe it or not...the food here is quite tasty, with possibly the best burger in the bay area and certainly among the tops i've had on this country...grilled....steak is not bad, but the italian dishes aren't anything special...get a load of the wine list, especially by the glass...between that and the colorful characters that show up here to eat and to work, you'll feel like you're getting good food, reasonably, and a taste of times square nyc in the 70's...( i long for those days)...if you haven't gathered, this is great for:single diners, late nite arrivals(open late-1 am?not sf late time).. after just getting in from the big apple...and don't be thrown by the atmosphere outside, it's the tenderloin, and that situation changes block by block

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  1. What are the details on the menu at Original Joes, San Jose, CA? Would like to drop in there some Saturday but won't drive one block for mediocre Italian food. What region in Italy? Neopolitan? Especially seek home-made meat ravioli.