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Nov 17, 1999 08:20 PM

Does anyone know a great Chinese/seafood restaurant in SF?

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I am dreaming about lobster with ginger and scallions, salted shrimp, and clams with black bean sauce. Does anyone know of a sumptuous spot in San Francisco that rivals NYC Seafood in Monterrey Park (LA)? I must know!

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  1. brandy ho's on Columbus in little italy

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    1. re: rhubarb
      Michael Glass

      ...for the type of Chinese you seem to be hunting. Not much atmosphere, and (for better or worse) gets top billing in Zagat this year, but definitely NOT a Zagat-esque restaurant.

      Ton Kiang
      3148 Geary Blvd.
      (At the corner of Spruce Street -- Richmond)
      San Francisco, CA
      Phone: 415-752-4440

      The other S.F. Chinese phenomenon is Eric's

      1500 Church Street
      (At the corner of 27th Street -- Noe Valley)
      San Francisco, CA
      Phone: 415-282-0919

      Hands down the best Chinese & Atmosphere for the price in SF.