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Aug 18, 2004 10:40 AM


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Looking for a good italian restaurant in Bridgeport.

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  1. Try this place. I went there once years ago and it was good. Ralph N Richs 121 Wall St, Bridgeport 203-366-3597

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    1. re: Richie

      An excellent choice. You can also try Vazzy's.

      1. re: cjmz

        ralph n richies...the only choice. amazing, great the sopranos in the front and pretty room in the back

      2. re: Richie

        I have a friend up there who swears by Testo's. 920 Madison Ave, Bridgeport 203-367-4298.

        I've never been there but I trust my friends judgement 150%. Let me know what you think

      3. No place better than Tuscany on Madison Ave. Far and away the best Italian in Fairfield Cty.

        1. Check out the Tristate board for Bridgeport rather than New England- - Taberna (Spanish/Italian), Epernay Bistro--search for posts on them. Viale for Italian.

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          1. re: cheereeo

            Went to Taberna last night for dinner and drinks. We ended up just having 2 apps,wine, and then left. The fried calamari was really awful. We should have just sent and back! Came out cold and way overdone, it was either old or just sat out for 10 minutes before they brought it to us however the piquillo peppers were good.

            1. re: javaandjazz

              I went to Taberna several weeks ago. I started with excellent boquerones. We had seafood paella for the main course.The food and service were outstanding. The owners seem to really care about what they're doing. Everyone was very gracious and accomodating. I would definitely go back. Sorry you didn't have a good experience, Rich.

          2. Sorry; I just realized this is an incredibly old thread.