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Nov 14, 1999 11:17 PM

Choice Chow near Moscone Center

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Hey SF people!

Where's good to eat near the Moscone Center?

We're preparing a special chowhound report for (a great mac news site; see link below) so that visitors to Mac Expo in January know where to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Come to think of it...where IS the Moscone Center, nabe-wise? Maybe I know some nearby secret chow-aways myself...



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  1. Moscone Center is South of Market on Folsom btw 3rd and 4th within a few blocks of LuLu, Fringale, Bizou, Le Charm (very good and affordable French place), and others.

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    1. re: Emily M

      An extremely, unbelievably tardy thank you, Emily.

      any other suggestions?

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Looks like I missed this post the first time around. It's a a strange area, foodwise--sandwiched between the downtown business places and the industrial zone--and most people are likely to hoof it to get food. But sticking to in-walking-distance:
        1. I agree with Emily about Le Charm and Fringale (a very good value bistro) for nice places. IT's also not far from the South Park area, where the South Park Cafe (I could be getting the names wrong, it's been a while) is also a pleasant French bistro.
        2. It's hard not to mention Tu Lan, the Vietnamese dive on the west side of Sixth Street between Market and Mission. Very cheap, fast, tasty, Vietnamese standards--for some reason I almost always stuck with bun with imperial rolls and bbq pork--not the place where you delight in the fresh sprightly things. It's sort of one of those dives-for-people-who-never-go-to-dives-and-thus-are-standardless-amongst-them, if that makes sense (and that is NOT a compliment), but it has a certain irresistible pull at times.
        3. There is also a Lao restaurant across the street from TU Lan (on 6th St) that I REALLY wanted to try but have not.
        4. Another place I have mixed thoughts on mentioning is the cafe at the SF Museum of Modern Art. I include it because it is just around the corner from Moscone, and you will walk right by it. It has surprisingly good, fresh food at lunchtime. Overpriced, but really much better than you'd expect at such a locale.

        Hmm, looks like all I've come up with are qualified endorsements. Well, I'll continue to think on it.

        1. re: Mary

          Thanks Mary.

          I've done some checking up, and it seems Emily's suggestions were right on the money. Yours add a nice balance.

          But I've since gotten a very hot tip from a friend whose taste I completely trust...he raved with uncommon excitement about La Scene Cafe & Bar (490 Geary Street at Taylor, in the Warwick Regis Hotel; 292-6430). They do California-influenced French cooking, with a $23 fixed price deal everyday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. (otherwise figure $35-40/person at dinner).

          I've not seen mention of this place anywhere, and, again, the tip comes from a great source (his quote: "I wound up eating there three nights while I was in S.F. (9 days). Three of the best meals I have had this year").


          1. re: Jim Leff

            A new place has just opened in the Moscone/South of Market area called "Che" as in...che guevera....upscale pan latin food. great tapas and mojitos.