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Oct 31, 1999 08:13 PM

Chinese Near the Airport

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I will be in San Francisco next week and need to find a good place for dinner near the airport. When I was in San Francisco regularly in the early 90s, I used to favor Hong Kong Flower in Milbrae when I needed to eat near the airport. Is this still a good choice or is there someplace better? (Iwould prefer chinese.)If we go to Hong Kong Flower, which branch is better now, Milbrae Avenue or Camino Real?I would also appreciate advice on the current best choice for Burmese.

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    Rich Buchheim

    IMHO, no better Burmese in the area than Inya Lake on San Mateo Ave. in San Bruno. Their Chinese-influenced dishes (like Inya Lake Chicken, which closely resembles General Gau's Chicken and "Thousand-Layer Bread", which is like Chinese scallion pancake) are fine also.


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    1. re: Rich Buchheim

      ""Thousand-Layer Bread", which is like Chinese scallion pancake"

      hey, george, they're MUCH better than chinese scallion pancakes (well...let's say DIFFERENT at least).Thicker, less oily, much much harder to make.

      Not sure about the versions you guys are getting out there, though. What a great cuisine, wish there was somewhere good for it in NYC...


      1. re: Jim Leff
        George Kappus

        Amen. But I must say that what I really crave is tea leaf salad and a red curry involving pork and dried mango that I used to get near Top of the Hill in Daly City. I always had to pick some of each up for my family on the way to the airport to return to New York. A susbtantial take-out order fit conveniently under the seat in front of me, allowing me to while away the long trip transported to Yangon by the scents of the night market at my feet.

        1. re: George Kappus

          speaking of Burmese, I've just started a new thread on this board...see "Burma Super Star"

      2. re: Rich Buchheim
        George Kappus

        Many, albeit belated, thanks for your suggestion of Inya Lake. Ironically, I had to return to New York the day before your post and arrived at the airport with a couple of hours before I had to drop my car. I spent the time cruising desperately through Daly City and San Bruno looking for Burmese food. (The two Burmese restaurants that I used to favor in the early 90s were both gone. The yellow pages offered no choices in the area, so I just drove.) I must have crossed San Mateo Avenue several times, but never thought to turn. You can be sure that I will be making a bee-line for Inya Lake the next time I"m in San Francisco.