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Aug 12, 2004 07:26 PM

Berkshire Ice Cream

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Does anyone know if this company is still making what I consider to be the best (American) ice cream?

Is there a scoop shop anywhere? I used to stop at the one in W. Stockbridge, but it's been closed for a couple of years now.


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  1. there's a new shop called "ice cream sandwich" in lenox on church st. they are new and still getting their act together, but they are indeed serving berkshire ice cream. the last time i was in, they were out of about four out of twelve flavors. they did have my favorite, espresso crunch with the whole choc. covered espresso beans. Yum!

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    1. re: steve413

      Thanks! Will check it out soon. My mouth (and those of several friends) thanks you. s.

      1. re: stephanie

        There is great ice cream at Bev's in Great Barrington, and she has another location, I think in Lee.

        1. re: MangiaMuse

          The second Bev's outpost (the one outside Great Barrington) is on Housatonic Street in Lenox, nestled between tow venerable Lenox standbys, Variety Video and Betty's Pizza Shack. While I'm grateful it's there, I must voice my preference for Berkshire ice cream, which I find an altogether richer and more satisfying confection. If you insist on Bev's in Lenox, however, have a pizza at Betty's beforehand.