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Aug 11, 2004 10:47 PM

Herb Lyceum, Groton

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I am thinking of reserving for their Saturday night dinner, but would like to know if anyone has been? Is it recommended? We have a rare Saturday night off and are trying to decide if we should herb it in Groton or head into Boston. Much appreciated.

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    1. re: edinaeats

      Hmmm....I take it you have had a disappointing experience at the Lyceum? Bummer.

      1. re: edinaeats

        Hmmm....I take it you have had a disappointing experience at the Lyceum? Bummer.

      2. I agree, go to Boston. Just an ok place, nothing special and for the price you pay,you could do much better in the hub. Just my 2 cents.

        1. I think it is too expensive. At approx. $50 per person,BYOB and group seating, I would much rather head into the city.

          The food is OK, better than average for the area.

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          1. re: edinaeats

            Appreciate the advice, that's why I love this board! Shall stay away.

          2. 2008: Resurrecting an old post... has anybody been here lately? Same question as the OP except we do NOT want to head into Boston. The December menu looks interesting and BYOB does appeal to us.

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              Went recently - interesting experience but kind of falls into the 'been there done that' category. I'm not sorry we chose the place but I doubt we'll be going back.

              The food was OK, but somehow the menu description set an expectation that the actual food didn't quite live up to (for me anyway). Amuse was a deviled egg with crabmeat. Wild boar meatballs were simply good meaty meatballs. White bean soup with winter vegetables was more like winter vegetable soup with a few white beans. Duck was wrapped in bacon - now I NEVER turn down bacon but I ended up leaving most of it because it was a bit thick and I wanted the room for the duck (the duck was not fatty and cooked properly). Warm apple crisp and a cheese plate to finish - by then a little too full to really appreciate the cheese, which was quite good. All in all not a bad meal - but it didn't have that little extra something that I was hoping for.

              There is a large room for about 20 and a small room for 8, nicely decorated in upscale herbal/farmhouse decor. Warm cider was provided when we arrived, and plenty of glassware for our BYOB wine. The hostess/owner was very insistent that we were NOT to sit down before the 7PM dinner but we were supposed to mingle. We would NOT be served any earlier if we sat down. Many times we were reminded that we were there to have a ENJOY the food and the company.

              The service was very good. I did point out to the hostess/owner that the dishes were stone-cold (not the food, but the dishes themselves) - this really cooled the food off much too fast. The chef came out to the tables to discuss each dish as it was being served, but his people skills were a bit rough around the edges.

              Kind of pricey at $55/per, but we did know that ahead of time as well as what we'd be served, so no complaints there. I did like the opportunity to BYOB. I think going with a larger (6-8) group would work best here. It didn't seem like a couples place to me.

              This isn't intended to warn people away, just providing some feedback. I didn't hate the place, I just wasn't wowed enough to go again. If I plan to be in the area I'll go back to Gibbet Hill.