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Aug 5, 2004 11:48 PM

Westerly, RI ... Seafood

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I'm looking for a seafood restaurant in the Westerly area. Near or on the water preferred but not required. Needs to be kid-friendly. Been to some good 'fish/seafood shacks' on the Cape but haven't found one here. Any recommendations?

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    andrew brady

    I know it's been knocked by others on the board, and I haven't tried multiple items on the menu, but the Hitching Post in Charlestown served me a very tasty and generous lobster roll a couple of weeks ago. The set-up is great for kids, because there are picnic tables on the lawn in back, or you can eat inside. The place is located right on the northbound side of Rte. 1. The entrance is kind of hidden, so go fairly slow after you pass Mike's Texaco or you might drive by it.

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      what's there to knock about the Hitching Post? it's a really good roadside establishment. good RI chowder, great hotdogs, nice clam fritters, and try the fried filet of fish, it's surprisingly good. it's also very reasonable. been going there for years.

      1. re: braveham

        One Fish Two fish, on Franklin St. (Rt 1) in Westerly is ok, and very kid friendly. The shack on Atlantic Ave. and Weekapaug Road in Misquamicut is better, but it is outdoor dining only. Sea Swirl in Mystic is a ride, but is great, and also outdoor only. Their whole belly clams and fish and chips are wonderful. Skipper's Dock in Stonington is expensive, but always good. Finally, Sandy's, which is a gourmet grocery store on Rt. 1 in Westerly has one of the best Lobster rolls that I have ever had.

        1. re: braveham

          Well, I have to eat crow now. After many years of vowing never to go back to the Hitching Post, we went tonight. It was, surprisingly, good. The lobster roll was excellent - very little mayo and piled high with sweet lobster meat. Full claw pieces, too. They were out of scallops (darn) but the calamari was well done. Not too tough. The sauce that came with it was a little strange, but spicy and tomato-ey. The calamari were also served with pickles on top. Kind of a strange combination but my husband ate every bite all the same. Very kid friendly. All in all, a good experience and I expect that we will be back before the summer's over.

          So does anyone know anything about Josie's? My husband and I used to love going there when it first opened but then it changed hands and we haven't been back.

          1. re: Betsy
            andrew brady

            I also went to Josie's a couple of weeks ago with wife and daughter, who wanted to go out for lobster. Don't bother. The prices were good but the food wasn't, the service was unprofessional and the mood was kinda depressing. They barely seemed to be trying. With all the competition in the area, I don't see a long life span.

            1. re: Betsy

              skip josie's. the breakfast was horrible

        2. I just tried Dumaine's, which is a small takeout place on Rt. 2, across from the Dairy Queen, right on the Pawcatuck side of the Westerly/Pawcatuck border. It was great. We had fried whole bellies, grilled tuna and scallops, (a special), fried fisherman's platters, lobster bisque and a spicy codfish minestrone like soup. We had french fries, onion rings, coleslaw and rice with our meal. Everything was carefully prepared and very fresh tasting. Forget going to 2 little fish, which I posted earlier. Dumaine's is family run, and tiny, and the quality was as good as anything that I've had in Point Judith or elsewhere. Equal to the Sea Swirl in Mystic, and better than the two places in Madison, Ct. They have a couple of picnic tables, but are mostly take out