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Aug 5, 2004 07:55 PM

Looking for Maine Italian subs in NH/southern Maine

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Following up on the recent post about Maine Italian subs, does anyone have recommendations for sub shops that sell these style subs around Hampton, NH or southern Maine?

My dad will be visiting and loves them, but we couldn't find a place that sells them in that area last time we were in town. Amato's does not seem to have any locations near the NH border.


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  1. Did you try Kittery House of Pizza? Most pizza places in Maine sell Italians.

    There's an Amatos about 25 min up route 1 in Wells. Paras Pizza in Wells has good italians and GREAT, unique thin pizza.

    1. Not exactly sure what you mean when you say a Maine Italian sub? IMHO, an Amatos sub goes under the catagory of a "factory sub", they only make them one way take it or leave it. You won't have to go far into Maine to find an Amatos. Pretty sure there is one in York, get off I95 just before the toll booth, turn left on Rt1 - should be up on the right a 1/2 mile or so. There might also be one the other way on Rt1.

      There is chain in the S. NH area called Moes that is similar to, but not exactly the same as Amatos. Moes makes one sub - an Italian - at least that was the way it was the last time I went to a Moes, like 8 or 9 years ago. There is a Moes in Seabrook, in the little shopping plaza next to the Xtra Mart on Rt1. There is also a Moes in Portsmouth, NE of the Market/Congress street corner - head towards the river from the Daily Grind it will be in your left about 1/2 block down.

      In Hampton, there are two pretty good sub shops on Rt 1, my opinion. TNT subs makes a very good Italian, I order it toasted, like a RI grinder, with oil - I think it is more similar to Amatos than Moes. Further north on Rt 1 is a seacoast staple called Lena's, The original Lena's is on Salisbury Beach. I'll admit that I've never had the "original Lena's sub", but I really like the Fried Haddock Sub.

      On Hampton Beach is a sandwich shop called Sabo's. Problem with Sabo's is that they don't like to work so much, so it can difficult to find them open. Sabo's makes their subs in a wrap, and I will say they are EXCELLENT! These aren't like the foofoo wraps you see everywhere now. This is a "sub" in a wrap. Sabo's is on a side street, can't recall the "street letter", but it located between the Ashworth and the band stand - right across from the motorcycle parking.

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        East Point Cook

        York House of Pizza in York, ME.
        Great toasted subs, etc.

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          As a New Jersey native, IMHO there ARE no really good hoagie (sub) shops in the NH/Southern ME area. Also IMHO, I have yet to have anything but extremely mediocre food at ANY establishment using the name, "...House of Pizza" in Kittery, York, Dover, you name it (well, I guess they already did). If your Dad wants an excellent hoagie, um sub, you should be a good son/daughter and go to RT 1A in Kittery, ME (just over the bridge from Portsmouth, NH. There's a collection of shops growing up in a cluster that includes Carl's meat market, a bakery and a veg. market. Collect the ingredients and take Dad to Fort McClary for a picnic.

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            Agreed! It's the bread, it's the bread, it's the bread.

        2. If you want a really delicious sub/hoagie I would recommend a trip to Pear's Ice Cream & Hoagie shop in Casco, ME (in the Lakes Region) - they are sooo good - just like the real deal from Philly, maybe even better.

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            Big difference between an Italian (eye-talian) and a hoagie. Meats, cheeses and the bread is all different. And oil, lots oil! Any non-chain shop would know how to make 'em. Darn, now I'm hungry!