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Aug 23, 1999 10:37 AM

BBQ in San Francisco

  • m

I recently took a long trip to the West coast, during
which time I ate a lot of really bad food. (My
traveling companions' tastes would make most Chowhounds
gasp.) But I did have a few good meals.

In San Francisco's Western Addition, on Divisadero
somewhere north of Haight but south of Fulton, I
visited Brother In-Law's Barbecue. I got the half order
of ribs with spicy sauce, along with beans and
something else which I can't remember now. The beans
were good but nothing special, but the meat and sauce
were fantastic. I tasted the chicken with the mild
sauce, and while it didn't blow me away, it definitely
made me happy for at least a moment.


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  1. k
    Kenneth Goldman

    You should also try Brother-In-Law's ribs. The meat actually falls off the bones. And their brisket is also very good. I personally like the hot BBQ sauce.

    Also try these spots for good BBQ: Big Nate's on Folsom Street and Leon's on Sloat, across from the zoo down by Ocean Beach.