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Aug 4, 1999 04:30 PM

NY foodie in San Francisco needs advice!

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I've just moved from Manhattan to San Francisco and would appreciate any advice, help, suggestions as to where to find a few things....In addition to being a chowhound, I also love to cook. Any advice about where to get fresh produce or where to find a good butcher and seafood store- geography is not a limitation. I'll go anywhere for quality ingredients. So far, I've been getting to know my immediate environs of San Franciso and have been to the Farmers' Market, to Whole Foods, Falletti's, Bryan's, and to 2 Chinese markets in Richmond. Any other suggestions would be great.

Also, I'm looking for an excellent patisserie. In NY, I lived around the block from Bonte and Payard and I need to find a good dacquoise.

Is there any kind of guide to food in San Francisco? Ed Levine published a guide "New York Eats" and I wonder if there's a San Francisco version? Anyone know?

Much thanks for any advice.

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  1. Start with the jillions of previous postings on
    Chowhound. Then try

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      Dave Feldman

      Patricia Unterman's "Food Lover's Guide to San
      Francisco" is a terrific resource, and is organized by
      neighborhood. I believe the latest edition is dated
      1997, so the listings aren't fresh, but I wouldn't
      hesitate to buy it. It covers restaurants, markets,
      take-out establishments, etc.

      1. You've hit several of the best. Falletti's,
        regrettably, will cease to exist after 12/31/99.
        Which farmer's market did you go to--the one at Civic
        Center, or the (more gourmet) Saturday one on The
        Embarcadero? And were those Chinese markets in
        Richmond, or in The Richmond?

        Here are a couple more suggestions. Andronico's has
        excellent meats, seafood, deli items, and general
        gourmet food; they tend to be pricy. Clement St. (in
        the Richmond) has lots of Asian markets of various
        flavors (Southeast Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
        99 Ranch, in Daly City, is a fantastic pan-Asian
        supermarket (there's an entire aisle of chile sauces,
        for example) with good and reasonably priced produce
        and fish counter, plus take-out dim sum. 24th St.,
        east of Mission, has several good sources for Mexican
        and other Latin American ingredients (La Palma, Casa
        Sanchez, e.g.); Mi Rancho, in Oakland, is another
        great source.

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        1. re: Tom Hilton

          Thank you to everyone who's responded. I have noted the names of the neighborhoods and specific places to shop around in and eagerly await the weekends when I can explore!

          After pouring through Patricia Unterman's guide to food in SF, I visited many stores she recommended in SF's Chinatown. Though some were no longer in business as the guide was last updated in 1997, the information was still invaluable. After comparing what I saw in Chinatown to the markets I've already shopped in in the Richmond district, I am quite happy to report that excellent and varied ingredients can be found in both neighborhoods.

          Next weekend, I am going to explore North Beach for Italian foodstuffs and perhaps the Mission for Latin. I look forward to using the guide ( LIFESAVER!) and visiting some of the suggested places posted here. Thanks for all the help!

          1. re: Tida

            Thanks for checking in again.

            I hope you'll get a chance to try Fina Estampa, the
            wonderful Peruvian restaurant on Mission. Fabulous
            ceviche, fish soup, beef/potato/onion/peppers combos,

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              From seeing the many recommendations for Fina Estampa from previous postings, I have already put this on my list of MUST EATs. My husband also had the pleasure of going to Peru for business and enjoys Peruvian food. He's really excited about it! Thanks for the rec!

        2. Andronico's in SF is also a great place to get gourmet items/ingredients. SInce traveling is not an issue I would recommend trying out Draeger's in San Mateo and Menlo Park. There is also a "farmer's style store" at Stanford shopping center that has fresh produce and the like.