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Jul 28, 2004 05:52 PM

Cuttyhunk Island, MA

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need info on the eating establishments for coming day trip

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  1. Haven't been there in years, but if there's even one public eating establishment, you'll be lucky. There's barely a village to speak of.

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      I've never heard of this place, what's it near? Thanks.

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        Its about 17 miles of the coast of New Bedford at the end of the Elizabeth Islands chain which extends out from Woods Hole. I haven't been in years and I've heard things have changed like the Allen House has closed but there is a rumor they now have their first ATM inside the pizza Parlor but that may be fiction

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          It is the last of the Elizabeth Islands (aka the Town of Gosnold), and the only one accessible to the general public, which is done via packet from New Bedford.

          There was an inn on the island, the Allen House, IIRC, but it closed a decade or more ago. So, unless you know someone at the island, it's strictly daytrip.

          The island was the site of an early English fishing station in the time just before permanent European settlement, and there is speculation that it was a model for Shakespeare's New World in The Tempest.

      2. Check out dining page on Better bring a sandwich!

        1. There was a restaurant as of last summer. Haven't been yet this year, so can't tell for sure if it's still there. There is a lobster shack on the dock where you can get lobsters steamed, then find a place for a picnic.

          1. It's all folklore now. The two restaurants used to be the Allen House and the Bosworth House. They alternated days they would open so they could share the same lightbulb (limited electricity). When you drop hook, ask at the dock about 'delivery'. There was a portugese family bakery that used to deliver to the docks.

            1. This thread is pretty dated, but in case anyone's still interested, there is in fact a restaurant on Cuttyhunk called Soprano's pizza. It's actually run out of a private home with picnic tables in the driveway. They have a commercial-grade pizza oven in their garage that cranks out some surprisingly good pies with great toppings: pesto, BBQ chicken, carmelized onions, as well as standard pizza fare, i.e. pepperoni. They also serve fresh sword fish and scallops along with salads and a limited dessert menu. It's pretty much the only dinner restaurant on the island, but Sopranos seems to try hard and generally succeeds even without competition to motivate them.

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                Of couse, the Cuttyhunk Fishing Club for weekend breakfasts! it's not the best, but I had some french toast that hit the spot. Of course, next time I'm bringing REAL maple syrup, not the fake stuff in the containers.

                The Berry Berry pancakes looked good. NEXT time!


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                  As I'm sure you experienced, the breakfast at the CFC is all about the view, less about the food. Great spot.....