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Mar 12, 1999 10:22 PM

West Coast Drivin

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First -- I'm still in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley and am
always keeping an eye out for good i'm always
looking for suggestions!

I'm also taking a drive to Vegas (through Bakersfield)
and we might swing down to the Grand Canyon or over to
Utah towards Zion Nat'l Park/Bryce. If there are can't
miss places, send me there!

Second -- places to go around here...

Cho's Dim Sum is this great potsticker joint on
California Avenue in Palo Alto...get the pork ones,
they are the best. my friend says that they definitely
make the skin there too...and you can get frozen
takehome for later on

Sushi -- Naomi's and Toshi's Sushiya are both in Menlo
and its pretty fresh and good, a couple creative
things, and the people there are nice though i've never
actually been there during a rush hour

Dim Sum -- Mayflower in Milpitas at the McCarthy Ranch
is by and far the best i've had out here, though it
still falls behind the places i've been to in nyc

Jocco's -- don't go there, it's just okay and the
prices are way too high for what you get, though the
service is really nice and the ambience is great

Straits Cafe -- on El Camino in Palo Alto, it's the
sister restaurant of the one in SF, and I hear the one
in SF is even better. well, let me tell ya, its the
first time since i've been down here that i thought i
might be back in nyc for an elegant restaurant.
beautiful presentation, fabulous food and desserts and
great service. a definite must for the area

that's it for now...ciao!

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  1. If you're driving through Bakersfield, do not
    miss a meal at the Noriega Hotel, a century-old
    Basque boardinghouse with what I think are the
    best Basque dinners in the Central Valley. Lunch
    is at noon sharp; dinner at 7 sharp, and meals
    consist of 10-12 courses of basic, garlic-drenched
    country cooking: vegetable soup, beans, pickled
    tongue, broccoli with cheese, braised oxtails,
    spaghetti, garlic ribs, fries, blue cheese, a carafe
    of wine.

    The Grand Canyon isn't exactly fertile culinary
    ground, but there is a decent steakhouse in
    Williams, and the Indian tacos at the Tuba City
    Truckstop near the Painted Desert shouldn't be