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Mar 4, 1999 03:41 PM

Where is Ken Frank?

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Before my husband and I left LA last year for New
Orleans we heard that Ken Frank had left Fenix and was
planning to open a restaurant in the Napa Valley
area. Does anyone know if he did that and if so what
is the name and where is it?

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    Tom Armitage

    Ken Frank has opened La Toque at the Rancho Caymus Inn
    in Rutherford. I haven't had a meal there yet. The
    reports of which I'm aware are that his kitchen
    is producing good food, but not yet at the level
    that you would expect from him. In other words, a work
    in process.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage
      jonathan gold

      I had quite a good meal at La Toque a
      couple of months ago. The food is very
      much in the classic nouvelle tradition
      of his old La Toque on Sunset, without
      the jazzy stuff he was trying at Fenix.
      A prix-fixe menu, swell wines to go with it:
      his old standbys of crisp potato rosti
      with caviar, seared foie gras, composed salads.
      And the best, airiest sauces a la minute

      1. re: jonathan gold

        classic nouvelle tradition. hmmm classic nouvelle. ok whatever