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Last spring, on a flight to San Francisco, a
passenger suggested that I try the restaurant Betelnut
Pejiu Wu. While I didn't get a chance to try it that
time out, on a recent visit I made my pilgrimage and
must report that it is well worth a visit.
Low-key, with a funky-but-not-pretentious
interior, Betelnut offers California-ized pan-Asian
food. I can suggest ordering several dishes, tapas-
style, and sharing them among several people. The
chili calamari (squid fried with hot peppers and
served with a vietnamese chili sauce) is great, the
squid impossibly tender with a not-to oily deep-fried
coat. They have a green salad with snow crab that is
worth your attention, and you can't go wrong with the
dumplings. Interestingly, the dish recommended by
Sidewalk.com, a Thai green curry chicken dish, is only
Betelnut is none to expensive; our party of four
ate well, including beers and desserts, for $96.

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