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Dec 17, 1998 10:46 PM

San Francisco: The Mission

  • j

Hi all,

My wife and I will be in San Francisco at the end of
the month -- can anyone recommend good South American
restaurants in the Mission district?


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  1. Jeremy,

    At the risk of banging the same drum (I've talked
    about this place before), I urge you to try Fina
    Estampa, my favorite restaurant in SF and the best
    Peruvian food I've ever had. It's at 2374 Mission St.
    (there is a second branch but I haven't been there)
    between 19th and 20th.

    I urge at least one of you to try the parihuela, the
    seafood souop. It's usually got clams, mussels,
    shrimp, squid, rockfish, dried chilis, and a subtle
    tomato broth. They have a humble steak/peppers/onion/
    potato dish that is peasant food at it's best. The
    ceviche is a winner -- fresh and bracing. The service
    is usually great -- I'd trust their recommendations.
    Phone is 824-4437. Be sure and call beforehand if you
    are thinking of lunch. They have a weird schedule and
    are closed on some weekdays.