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Jun 24, 2004 01:26 PM

Stamford, CT

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Please help!!!! Have just moved to Stamford from Montreal and am looking for any and all ethnic places that do great takeout....Thai,Indian, Viet, etc... I am starving!!! Thanks in advance!


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  1. We hope you get some helpful replies, but also do check our search engine for Stamford tips.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      I already did, but most of the posts are unfortunately very old.

      1. re: omalley

        Colonial Grill for thin-crust pizza like no other.

        1. re: Willly

          2nd, 3th and 4th for Colony Grill off Elm Street

    2. Welcome to the neighborhood!
      Pizza: Michalina's off of High Ridge Rd.
      Chinese: Main Wah on High Ridge (Michalina's is around the corner)
      Indian: Dashkin on Summer St.
      Steakhouse: Giovanni's on Long Ridge
      Thai: Thai restaurant on High Ridge, mostly take out (something Kitchen, can't think of the name)
      Mexican: Viva Mexico on Summer or Ole Mole on High Ridge
      Sandwiches: Fratolli Ravioli next to Michalina's (they also have lots of other take out things ---ravioli obviously being one)

      Happy eating!

      1. Galangal on Atlantic St. has some pretty good Thai - ask them to spice it up.

        For some great Indian, I think Coromandel in Darien (next town over) is worth driving a few minutes for.

        There's a relatively new Middle East mostly takeout place on Route 1 in Stamford (Myrna's) heading towards Darien - they have falafel and the traditionals.

        For take out sandwiches in downtown Stamford around lunchtime, Jenna Marie's on Summer St. is good and quick. Lots of choices.

        Tidbit just opened on Bank St. in the old Bank Street Brewery space. Have not been yet, but NYT gave it a 'very good' a few weekends ago.

        Second the word on Colony Pizza.

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        1. re: Mopsik

          Galangal closed recently.

          1. re: sabra

            Just called them

            Food is fine there.


            1. re: Curleyone

              it was BonAni (spelling?) that closed on summer...loved their take out

              1. re: mgray

                Bonani did close this summer but was replaced by a WONDERFUL Peruvian place whose name escapes me. I like it much better than Fiesta. Attentive staff, great Peruvian speciality drinks, fantastic ceviche. Highly recommended.

                Galangal is truly not closed. They're always very empty, though, which worries me.

                1. re: mrw

                  Was there the last Friday and the place was pretty crowded. Food was good, but a bit noisy... Piano is a nice touch especially when they have live entertainment.

                  Anyone here know of any other Thai, Malaysian restaurants in the area?

        2. Welcome to Stamford! That Thai place on High Ridge is Kit's Thai Kitchen. It's good, not great. Coromandel is definitely the best Indian in the area. Kabab Korner is a very new Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi place at Bull's Head. Some interesting things there that you don't see elsewhere, some hits, some misses. The ethnic sodas are, um, intriguing. Myrna's is nice for Middle Eastern (their baklava and related desserts are yummy), but the food is Lebanese style instead of Syrian, so you may find it underseasoned, particularly the falafel. Sierra Grill on High Ridge has acceptable Tex Mex. As for pizza, this is such a personal thing, and opinions vary so much, that I think you should just keep trying different ones till you discover what suits you. I happen to like Ridgeway, provided you make them bake it well done--the pizzas can be a bit undercooked otherwise. Getting away from takeout, be sure to try my favorite place in town altogether--Columbus Park, downtown. Superb Italian (but go elsewhere for dessert), nice staff, beautifully decorated place. My favorite there is the capellini alla vongole (sp?) with lovely tender clams. The veal with proscuitto, eggplant and cheese (forget the official name) is also to die for. Ditto the breaded veal with arugula and tomato salad on top. Hubby claims their steak is great and likes the fried calamari, too--I can't comment, not being a steak nor a calamari person. All the pastas are terrific. Go there and you'll be glad you moved!

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          1. re: MommaJ

            Isn't Coromandel in Darien, or have they opened a branch in Stamford?

            I'd second the recommendation on Columbus Park. Also if you're extending the scope of restaurants outside Stamford, there are a lot of good places in Greenwich, although not ethnic.

            1. re: rjka

              Yes, Coromandel is in Darien, one town over from Stamford, but someone else had mentioned it and I just wanted to add my recommendation.

              1. re: MommaJ

                Thali in New Canaan is amazing...has take out too but unfortunately no delivery

              2. re: rjka

                Coromandel in Darien and Dakshin in Stamford are run by the same group.


            2. I know this is a little late, but for a 'za I gotta go with:

              Italian - Mario's on High Ridge Road. All time favorite. They only have about 6 parking spots, so you'll probably have to park next door, but it's more than worth it. As good as currency in my circle.

              "Bar" - Other posters have said it, and they're right, Colony on Elm Street rules. Just make sure your car has an alarm!

              Greek - Hope Street Pizza at the corner of Hope and Rockspring. Acropolis on Bedford is very good for delivery, but over the past year they started chintzing with their toppings.

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              1. re: Steve P.

                Had to chuckle at this, because it shows how personal taste can vary sooo much. I think both Mario's and Hope Street Pizza are just mediocre and far from the best Stamford has to offer. Fortunately neither place will break the bank so it's no big deal to give them a try and come to your own conclusions.