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Nov 10, 1998 08:37 PM

Lobster au natural

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A very simple request -- an odd craving for me: plain
lobster, steamed with a butter/garlic sauce to dip it
in. Nothing fancy -- but is one place in the Bay Area
better to go for this meal than another? Are all the
lobsters out here fed ex'd from Maine or is there a
Pacific harvesting spot?

Also, my dinner partner is not lobster-inclined, so
there should be more than lobster to the menu.


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  1. Don't even THINK about eating lobster in California if you've ever had it in Maine or Boston! California lobsters are a joke and the decent ones in retaurants are flown in from New England. I think most area retaurants overcook lobster, except in Asian retaurants. Stick to dungeness crab, although I prefer the Maryland variety. Crab is cooked well at Strait's Cafe (Singapore style) and at many other Asian retaurants. It's strange...we import soft shelled crabs and many retaurants cook them well, but they slip up with New England lobster.