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Oct 25, 1998 05:26 PM

Fried Seafood in San Francisco???

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I am a big lover of seafood and will be going to San
Francisco for my first time. Does anyone know of a
place where there is the basic fried seafood...the type
of place where they don't mix it in with vegetables and
sauces? I like combinations of fried seafood all
types...maybe a combination plate? Or even better, a
buffet? Thanks for your comments. I also plan on
having some good Chinese foods while there too.

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  1. You might want to try Tadich Grill on California
    Street between Battery and Front in the Financial
    District. They offer up your pick of fillet either
    fried, grilled, or baked with potatoes and veggies of
    your choice on the side. I think Tadich is the oldest
    restaurant in SF. If you do get in the mood for
    fancy, expensive fish with all kinds of sauces you can
    hit Aqua next door.

    Of course you should explore Chinatown for some of your
    Chinese meals, but if you want a terrific Chinese
    restaurant at reasonable prices go to Ton Kiang on
    Geary Street at 22nd Avenue. It has the best dim sum
    and wanton soup I've had in the city.

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      Frank Language

      "It has the best dim sum and wanton soup I've had in
      the city."

      I go for the lascivious soup myself. (Sorry, I couldn't

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        Thanks for being "frank" about my spelling.

        1. re: MMitchell

          Thanks for the help. Especially mentioning the couple
          of places to go. I thought that there might be a place
          where fried seafood is common like it is on the Gulf
          Coast. There, most of the food is fried and not mixed
          in with other things. Do you think that Neptunes Palace
          may be more of a place like that since it is on the
          wharf where there are more touists that may not be
          accustomed to the Asian influence that seems to be
          common in the cooking there?