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Aug 2, 1998 12:47 PM

Bay Area Restaurants/Take Out/Hole in the Walls Shouldn't Miss?

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Hi, I'll be going out to the Bay Area for the first time in about two weeks...which restaurants/take-out joints/hole in the walls/etc....shouldn't I miss? As for kind of food, I'm partial to almost anything! (in particular, "California" food)

Thanks a lot!

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    Dave Feldman

    I'm a broken record on this subject, but my favorite SF restaurant at any price is Fina Estampa, a wonderful Peruvian place on Mission. In particular, love the ceviche, the parihuela (seafood soup), the steak and potato and peppers/onion dish, whose name I forget, and any specials the waiters recommend.


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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      The tacquerias in the Mission are
      also must-visits, especially La
      Cumbre. There's a great Italian
      grocery in North Beach (the name
      escapes me, but it's across the
      street from Basta Pasta) that
      males killer sandwiches. Or just
      buy a chunk of aged imported
      provolone, some dried tomatoes in
      oilive oil, and a rosemary wife was there recently
      and brought me a flask of real
      (from Modena) aceto balsamico
      that costs only about $15.

      1. re: Jim Dixon

        Hole in the wall?...I can't say for sure since I've
        never been there, but I know it's been around for long
        while: Doidge's (sp?)

        My sister said their breakfast is great. Can anyone
        else confirm it?


        1. re: Janet Traub
          Chris Bridges

          A friend who lives in San Fran also raved about
          Doidge's breakfasts. Unfortunately, we didn't get
          there on our last trip. It's on Union Street, by the


          1. re: Chris Bridges

            I haven't been to Doidge's in a few years, but it's
            been a consistently good breakfast place, but crowded
            for years.

            I also have one comment on the Mission district. I'd
            be careful walking around that area, esp if you look
            like a tourist, guidebook in hand. It's best to know
            exactly where you're going if heading off Mission St.

    2. m
      Matt Mitchell

      My favorite breakfast spot is Art's Cafe on Irving
      Street near Ninth Avenue in the Sunset District (Just
      south of Golden Gate Park). It's run by a Korean
      couple and it feels like your in their kitchen. Only
      counter seating by the grill, no tables. In front of
      your eyes, Art will grill the bacon and eggs and hash
      browns to perfection with minimal grease. If you want
      to sample the Korean food, try the bi bim bop (shredded
      beef, vegetables, and a fried egg. By the way, the
      prices are small town Iowa, not SF. Try to visit on a
      weekday morning. Art's and other Sunset breakfast
      venues are inundated by the weekend masses.

      As for the other suggestions, I heartily endorse
      burritos (the carne asada with sour cream and guacamole
      is to die for) in the Mission. My two favorite places
      are Le Cumbre (16th and Valencia) and El Farolito (24th
      and Alabama). If you go during the day, I wouldn't
      worry too much about safety. Wander along 24th street
      for numerous hidden culinary delights.

      For dim sum, I agree with some of the other posts.
      Run, don't walk, to Ton Kiang on 22nd and Geary. The
      regular menu is great too.