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Jul 31, 1998 10:51 AM

Update on Harbour Village (in San Fran) for dim sum

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I had previously mentioned Harbour Village in San
Francisco for dim sum. Well, I was just there this
past weekend -- I am taking back the recommendation !

It has gone very seriously downhill. The service was
SLOW (we had only 2 dishes on our table after 25
minutes), and whatever we had was awful beyond belief.

Ton Kiang on Geary Blvd. is still good, I am told.

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    Gary, I am in Jersey this weekend so let's talk early next week.

    I have about 3 weeks until San Fran, so you better start putting together a list for me. I am putting all my
    trust in your recommendations.

    Did you get up to Napa? Anything interesting to report?

    How was the opening? I don't remember the name of the restaurant .

    Sperak to you soon, Michele

    1. c
      Chris Bridges

      Had a real nice meal at Ton Kiang on Geary a couple of
      weeks ago. Excellent salt & pepper shrimp, ong choy
      with fermented bean curd, and good pot stickers too....


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      1. re: Chris Bridges

        You went to the one on Geary & 22nd Ave (give or take
        a few blocks) right ? Do you have the exact address
        for us 'hounds here ? I really regret not going there
        last week.

        1. re: Gary Cheong
          Chris Bridges

          It was the newer one, out in the Richmond district. I
          was really impressed with how Geary and Clement Streets
          out there are lined with interesting-looking Asian and
          other restaurants. Reminds me just a little of Ninth
          Avenue...Too bad I didn't have enough time to check
          them all out...

          The address, according to my Fodor's, is 5821 Geary.
          The other one is at 3148.