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May 31, 2004 07:52 PM

Providence RI

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Is there a good barbecue restaurant in Providence RI

If not does any one have a suggestion for 5 guys on the road, not fancy but real good food?


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  1. Try Memphis Road House. Is not in Providence but in Attleboro, MA which is on Route 1 about 15 minutes north of Providence.

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    1. re: fatboy

      Try LJ's BBQ
      605 Douglas Ave
      Providence, RI 02908-1604
      Phone: (401) 274-1227

      1. re: Ron

        LJ's is outstanding and the folks that operate it are really nice people. In addition to the meat dishes themselves most of the side dishes and desserts are homemade. Great pickles and cornbread and beans. I really like the pulled pork platter and usually order that but the ribs are excellent also. Nice pies also.

        1. re: Ron

          LJ's is the BEST! I've been to the other mentioned, as well as Sticky Fingers, and LJ's seems to have the delicate balance of flavors not present in the other place's sauces. I absolutley hate Wes's Rib House, but others like it, so to each his own.

      2. Wes's Rib House is supposed to be good, at 38 Dike St in Providence. I never went myself, but others recommended it.

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        1. re: johnnym

          Note: LJs has closed! Tried to go there a few days ago and it's but a memory in those parts. Phone number disconnected and everything.

          Instead we went to Tortilla Flats on Hope street in Providence, near campus, which was excellent. Big margaritas and fresh hot pickled salsa!

          1. re: clarap

            LJ's s relocated to Hope St./East Ave. on the Providence/Pawtucket line. Is that the location that closed or are you talking about the old Douglas Ave spot?

            1. re: Frobisher

              LJs is still very much open, I just called them.

              Tortilla Flats may be okay, but there are much much better mexican options in Providence. Since you mention the word "campus" I am going to take a stab and guess that you are student and perhaps new to Providence. Have fun exploring, a quick search of these boards will help guide the way.

              1. re: basachs

                Oh, Jesus H....I just had a little mini-breakdown at the (thankfully, not accurate) news that LJ's was closed.

                LJ's is one of our favorite places to eat, for any meal, but I love, love the brunch. They have an LJ's Benedict, which is Eggs Benedict, on corn bread, w/pork BBQ instead of Canadian bacon, and w/chipotle hollandaise. I thought I would die, it was so good.

                They are very nice and welcoming there, and the food is excellent.

                1. re: Moonpie1

                  I agree, the LJ's brunch is amazing! And it seems like no one knows about it, because it's always empty when we go there for brunch! I guess people would rather wait an hour for Julians Brunch.........

                  1. re: modysoul

                    Big fan of LJ's, but I think when he moved into his new digs in Pawtucket he cleaned up his new place almost too much. It needs a little character, more stuff on the walls, more of a unique feel to it. Almost feels like a chain restaurant inside. Food rocks, though.

                    1. re: Jenkins

                      Cleaned up indeed. Best BBQ around but zero rib joint fun. No family style ordering. East Side rent and attitude are incompatible with simply digging into ribs and beer. And no draft.

                      1. re: atheorist

                        Its not on the East Side. Its in Pawtucket.

                        1. re: basachs

                          Yeah, I know, but the Boulevard at the corner is Blackstone not Armistice.
                          The contraction for "It is" is spelled "It's."

                          1. re: basachs

                            It's on the east side/Pawt. line----all east side notions of rent (but not attitude! total generalization, not true) still apply.

                            I never got to the old location, so I have nothing to compare it to. We go there w/two kids and can get great food in the most un-stuffy of environments. I've got no complaints---maybe it does look a bit chain-ish inside.

                            I love the attentive service and wine recommendations there.

            2. re: johnnym

              Wes's is ok, but it is awesome late night after a bottle of whiskey - they are open until 2 on the weekdays and 4 on friday and saturday