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Jun 23, 1998 06:07 PM

San Francisco eating out, take-outs, food shops

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I'm over in San Francisco in July and want to explore
the food scene. Can anyone give ne some ideas for an
interesting 4 days chowhounding, please?

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  1. You might also try searching chowhound for previous
    posts on San Francisco. The link below will get you

    Link: ../../../cgi/AT-chowhoundsearch.cgi?search=+san+AND+francisco+OR+SF

    1. I've recommended it before here, but my favorite restaurant in SF is Fina Estampa, a wonderful Peruvian restaurant on Mission (a second branch opened recently -- I haven't eaten there).

      Some of my favorites: a fabulous ceviche; parihuela (seafood soup, a wonderful meal); and a peasanty steak/onion/fried potato/peppers dish. The waiters are usually reliable, too -- if they recommend something, trust them.